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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

It’s the Little Things

It’s the Little Things

It’s the little things that gets Mrs. C upset.  It is amazing actually. 

A few weeks back I filled my new cars tank with diesel fuel.  My new car does not run well on diesel fuel.  We were stuck for 6 hours in a dinky gas stop interrupting what should have been a nice weekend trip in Virginia.

Was Mrs. C angry that my stupidity cost us 6 hours of boredom and eventually about $600 in repairs and car rentals? 

Not really..  She was not real happy, but she was completely understanding and never said boo about my goof.

This Thanksgiving, Mrs. C drove her sister to the airport for a flight to Orlando.  She was up at 3 am to get her sister on a 6 o’clock flight.  She dropped her off and was half way home when she got a call from her sister,

“Ah, I booked my flight from Orlando to Newark, instead of Newark to Orlando…can you pick me up?”

Sis-in-law may have a case of “lexdixia.”

Was Mrs. C angry that her sister had her up at 3 am and she had booked her flights backwards?

No, not at all.  She is a very understanding person for really big stupid screw-ups.

But for little things?  OMG!

At our Sunday early Thanksgiving feast with family and friends, I made the mistake of tossing a half empty glass of cider.  I find that in these functions, people leave glasses of stuff all over and if they seem unattended, I will clear the counters, otherwise we don’t have enough room in our small kitchen.

Apparently the cider was Mrs. C’s.



“I might have, I thought it was an orphan.”

“DON”T THROW AWAY MY STUFF!!  DON’T THROW AWAY ANYTHING…EVER without first checking with me!”

Mrs. C was upset about the tossing of the cider for several days. 

Fill the cars tank with the wrong fuel?  She takes it in stride.

Book airplane flights backwards?  It happens.

Toss a half a glass of cider? BIG PROBLEM!!

What gets you upset, really big stupid blunders, or is it the little things?


  1. The little things I just laugh at. No big deal and not worth the stress. I'm better at the big things too. If it's done then let's deal with fixing whatever it is. What else can you do. I do have issues with stupid people. Inconsiderate people. That's where I can come unglued.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe, and keep your mitts off your wife's stuff. 😎

  2. I sort of understand this as she seems like she hates throwing anything away.

    What always gets me over the top mad is when I feel as though I've been ripped off. I don't know why it infuriates me, but it does.

  3. I nearly put the wrong gas in the car but was saved in the nick of time by an observant garage guy.
    Don't think I would bother about cider tossing but at least Mrs C proves she has her wits about her. Better luck next time.

  4. Apparently the cider was Mrs. C’s..... the catch is over there.

  5. I agree with Mrs C. Never ever throw drinks away!

    God bless you both.

  6. It is a no-win situation. Sorry, bud.

  7. And yet in many (other) ways, Mrs. C seems completely sane & normal!!

  8. I'll give you a pass, because other people were around, and maybe you didn't consider it possibly being Mrs. C's cider. But come on, man! You KNOW that's her trigger! You should have learned by now. You can't throw away the junk mail, you can't pour out a glass of water with a paper towel on it, so always ask yourself, "What would Mrs. C do?"

    I didn't have a conniption when Hick backed into that truck at the mechanic's shop. We have insurance for that. Might as well get some use out of all that money we've paid over the years. I DO have a problem with little things, because they add up, usually in the category of THINGS YOU CAN TO FOR YOURSELF. Maybe my compliance meter is on the fritz. The 1989 Standard Wife model is known for being a bit quirky.

  9. Bless her for ignoring the big ones. I know folks that keep lists of the big ones and bring them up when they think we need brought down a peg. Can't see Mrs. C holding on to the dumped drink episode longer than that moment. Think you are good.

  10. 1. how on earth were you supposed to know it was hers???
    2. It's ALWAYS the little things. Bigger stuff is usually a genuine mistake or something entirely unexpected. But the little things are usualy part of daily routines that must not be upset in any way.

  11. She must use up all of her patience on the big things.

  12. It's funny how aging changes you. I used to have a short fuse. I mean, I threw a head of lettuce at Jack once..picked lettuce leaves out of things, like the toaster, for weeks. I kicked a casserole against the wall when Jack made a comment about it not being very good..that was early in our marriage. I'm a good cook now. Or else he's just afraid to comment on anything! I'm a real sweetheart now...hahahaha! Just kidding! Seriously, I don't get upset when Jack makes a mistake but I do get mad at myself when I do stupid things.

  13. her patience for big mistakes is appreciable dear Joe and i hope you too admit it

    6 hours are long time to get stuck on gas station when you should have been enjoy the trip

    ,your sis in law gave me blast of laughter ,yes when we find someone similar to us we feel better lol

    i think people that get upset on small things have good heart and are surly in love with you because such reaction comes from expectations which belong to only people we love and want to be loved back
    you are lucky!