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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Stuff Happens

Stuff Happens…especially to old people

OK, so a few weeks ago I put diesel fuel into my regular gas burning car.  It happens.  I was confused.  It was a new car so I was not familiar with the gas tank.  I’m from NJ so we don’t normally fill our own tanks.

A week ago I came back from a night out, no drinking involved, and hung my pants up with my wallet still in the back pocket.  The next day I could not find my wallet.  It happens.  Anyone could make such a mistake.  I was sure that it had fallen out on my pocket and was left at the theater.  Panic was setting in until Mrs. C suggested I at least check my pants.

Oops! Hey it happens.

Saturday, I gave Mrs. C a check for our monthly expenses.  Sunday, I went into my account to schedule a payment.  I had a rather large negative balance.  What the heck? A bit of research and I realized I gave Mrs. C a check for monthly expenses from the wrong account.

Easy mistake.  It happens.

Mrs. C showed me how to deposit a check from the correct account into the overdrawn account at the bank’s teller machine, even though the bank is not open on Sunday.  I checked the account on-line and the deposit negated the overdraft and everything was just fine.

No harm no foul.

This stuff happens to people all the time…right?

It didn’t used to happen to me.

I used to get miffed when Mrs. C would double check me for things.

“Did you remember your wallet?”


“DO you have your glasses?”

“Y E S !!.

Did you remember to turn off the water?”

“O F   C O U R S E !!!”

I may be getting old.  I gave Mrs. C carte blanche to question me any time about anything and I will understand and no longer catch an attitude.

Stuff happens, but it might be avoided with a little well-placed understandable nagging.


  1. joeh; you're scaring me. I don't have anyone here to give me a little understandable nagging. I might find myself out shopping one day with all my clothes on backwards and inside out.

    1. That's okay - just as long as you have clothes on.

  2. As we get older we all get a little forgetful and easily confused. Like squeezing the canary on our food instead of a lemon.

    I went to visit an old lady the other day. Much older than me, she was. As we sat there reminiscing about the previous day I noticed, embarrassingly, that she had a suppository sticking out of her ear. I told her about it. She replied: "Oh goodness me ... I wonder where I put my hearing aid?"

    God bless.

  3. Yeah, stuff happens.... it happens to me all the time. Sadly there is nobody to check me so I have to find my own mistakes and suffer embarrassment by myself. I never swore until recently ... well I have to let it out sometime. So lone as we can look on the funny side we'll get by.

  4. Stuff like this happens to me all the time. BUT it always did, for as long as I can remember so it can't be age.

  5. I live alone, so my frequent mistakes go unrecognized and then unresolved, sometimes forever. Having someone to "nag" me once in a while might keep me on track.

  6. Yes we tend to forget things when we get older. I say it's because we've lived so long we have too much information in our heads. We need a good program to delete the stuff we don't need anymore.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. 😎

  7. Mrs. C sure earns her keep. Like Harry I don't have anyone to point those slips out so I may or may not make them. Ignorance is bliss.

  8. I hate it when that happens! I'll give you a pass on the gas faux pas, since you are not accustomed to pumping your own gas.

  9. Are you familiar with the fishducky theory as to why our memory seems to disappear as we age? If not, don’t worry. I’m going to tell you. What was I talking about? Oh, yes--memory. If you subscribe to the theory, as I do, that the brain is like a computer, then you know that it has a finite number of memory bytes. As we age, gravity pulls these memories down, filling first our feet, then our legs, our bellies & butts (which would also explain why many older people seem to have gained weight in these areas) & finally reach our brains, which eventually become full. Since humans don’t have a DELETE key, there is simply no room for new memories. This is why we people “of a certain age” can remember who sat next to us in the third grade but have no idea of what we ate for lunch yesterday. We are NOT forgetful--WE ARE SIMPLY FULL!!

  10. I've become quite the nagger at our house.

  11. The well paced understandable nagging is a must for me to stay on track, and also gives Cindy something to do...otherwise "It Happens!!"

  12. It was because of an oversight that led to a death that pilots created checklists. It doesn't hurt for all of us to have them, actually.

  13. Welp, as long as no drinking was involved😂

  14. I must be one brave (or foolish) camper. I bought a new phone yesterday and have been learning it's features and my fallibilities. I was texting with a friend today and made a mistake about the number of seats in the House of Representatives. When I later corrected myself he responded, "I thought you got a 'smart' phone."

  15. happens to all of us.

    But I'm still hysterically laughing at the Like squeezing the canary on our food instead of a lemon comment.