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Friday, February 2, 2018

Super Bowl Prediction

Super Bowl Prediction

A Cranky Super Saturday Prediction



The following prediction and analysis is from a cranky old man with little expertise and a horrible record of predictions on the topic opined.  Opposing predictions are welcome and probably spot on.  As always, please, no name calling and that means you, you big stupid-head.

For the last few years I have offered my opinion and prediction on the Super Bowl.  I don’t even know my percentage of winning predictions and I am too lazy to go back and check (I’m pretty sure I have been wrong every year).  I suspect it is not very good, but that will not stop me from analysis and a prediction this year.

This year I predict a Philadelphia Eagle win: 27-21.

This prediction is based on three personal reasons.

First; I hate all teams Boston.  It has nothing to do with Boston, a great town, let’s just say it is personal and leave it at that. 

The second reason is my youngest son has always been an Eagle fan because he got into football when the Eagles last went to the Super Bowl.

Third, even though I am a New York fan and we are supposed to hate Philly teams, Philly is just down the pike from me and my family has roots in Philadelphia.

Now you may be saying, “But Cranky, none of those reasons have anything to do with the basics of the upcoming game, they are all emotional reasons.”

Yes, that is true.  You may not want to place a bet on my opinion.

On to my expert analysis.  Here is how to beat the Pat’s, perhaps the greatest football team in NFL history (OK, not perhaps…sheesh, you Boston fans). 

It is pretty simple. 

Two things:

Number one is to stop the Pat’s passing game.  The Eagles need to sack and pressure Brady.  Brady is probably the greatest NFL QB ever (OK, not perhaps…damn!)  and he has excellent receivers.  If he is pressured and sacked he is only pretty good.  This plan, to pressure and sack Brady is nothing new, it is plan number one for every team in every NFL game ever played…pressure the QB.

What makes me think the Eagles will be able to pressure Brady?  Number 91.  I don’t know the Eagle players, I have only watched the last two playoff games, but number 91 is a force to be reckoned with!  He is big, he is strong and he is really fast and athletic.  He may not make a lot of sacks, but he will apply pressure and it will take two people to clock him allowing other players to get to the Pat’s QB.  Number 91 will also snuff the Patriots running game.  This man is a one man wrecking crew.

Number two is to control the ball on offense.  Long scoring drives will keep Brady off the field, and he can not pass worth a crap on the sideline.  The key to this for the Eagles, is number 87, the tight end.  This guy is huge and has great hands.  If the Eagles can convert on third downs they will control the ball and keep Brady on the sideline.  Number 87 is the guy to make those crucial third down plays.

That’s it!  Simple, stop Brady by sacks and pressure.  Leave that job to number 91.

Keep the Pat’s offense off the field by controlling the ball and converting on third down.  Leave that job to number 87.

Oh yeah, also no turnovers, good tackling, blocking, pass protection and tight coverage of the Patriot receivers…In other words to win, the Eagles have to be almost perfect, the Patriots just need to be a little off their game.  Number 91 and 87 will be the guys to watch.

Fly Eagles Fly!

The following was the opinion of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management, Mrs. Cranky, who could not give one rat’s behind about this or any other football game.


  1. I'm a football idiot. I know nothing and didn't even know who was playing. However, I did notice all the stores have stocked up on snack food. We're having a snowstorm here on Sunday so I hope there's some food left in the stores tomorrow since everyone seems to think they won't be able to get out and buy a loaf of bread. Anyway, football or not, I'm always up for a reason to buy some good junk food. Hope your team prediction is a winner!

  2. I also didn't know who was playing and will probably be shoveling snow tomorrow.

  3. Can't guess why you aren't an NFL coach, Joe Hagy! Go Eagles...

  4. I won't be watching but I hope you're right. Just because it's what you predict.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺

  5. I predict there will be a winner and a loser, someone will get hurt (I hope not badly), lots of fattening food will be eaten and tomorrow, regardless of the outcome, the sun will still shine.

  6. We're Redskins fans so since Philly is closer than Boston (I think) we'll hope your prediction comes true. I want to see the commercials. However the Clydesdales aren't going to be a part of it so I'm sure I will be disappointed. I really want to see the Puppy Bowl.

  7. From your keyboard to God's ear. Pretty sure even He watches on Sunday. I have not liked the Patriots since the snow plow game in 82 against my Dolphins. Yep, I can hold a grudge if need be:) Go Eagles.

  8. I'm all with Mrs. C on this one.

  9. My MN family and friends, think this is a big deal. I really am not into it.

  10. All i tell everyone is that i have no skin in this game, so i hope your team prevails.

  11. All I know is that I'm making special snacks. I used to follow football, and enter the weekly contest in our local paper that involved select high school, college, and pro games. Won it twice, a $100 prize each time. Then I had kids, and couldn't give it the time. I hope your prediction is on the mark.