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Tuesday, February 27, 2018


One more Publisher’s Clearing House giveaway has gone without us.  Mrs. C buys crap from PCH.  She religiously fills out around 73 forms that they send to assure that “you are still eligible” for their latest prize.
Friday, I had to stay alert for the doorbell which would bring us the PCH prize which seems to occur several times a year of $5000 a week for life.
No one came.  We lost again.  Sigh…would have been a nice prize.
$5000 a week for life, they don’t put you in the paper so you are not flooded with “friends” and others looking for a piece of the pie. 
$5000 a week for life, not enough to make you move to a gated community of super wealthy people you probably would not get along with. 
$5000 a week for life, enough to pay your debts, buy a new car, help out a few loved ones, and live a very comfortable life, not enough to buy a yacht, multiple homes, diamonds and stuff you don’t really need, stuff you think you would want, but stuff that generally messes up your life.
Probably a good thing we did not win, because this prize carried a little twist.  Not only do you win $5000 a week for life, but you can assign the $5000 a week for one more person's life after you check out.
Now that is a dilemma.  It is a twist sure to end in misery.
I assumed Mrs. C would assign me.
“No, your too old, that would be a waste.  I have to give it to someone who will have a lot more weeks to go.”
“Give it to one of your children then.”
“Whoever did not get it would feel awful, like ‘why didn’t mom give me the money?’”
“You could give to one, but tell him or her to share the money with the other.”
Yeah, like that wouldn’t lead to fighting, not to mention figuring out what is fair dispersal with taxes and stuff.  I think it would end up making the children miserable.”
“Leave it to charity.”
“I think it has to be a person.”
“Set up a trust.”
“I think it has to be a person.”
“That is a problem.”
“It’s a problem I could live with.”
“Maybe, but it is a serious problem that would live after you.”
“Yeah, maybe it is a good thing we didn’t win.”
“I agree.”


  1. I am sorry that you could not win this time Joe but it is not game that you should feel sorry for that you could not play better to win it is about destiny and believe me that whatever you have is BEST for you (you have to prove it with your skills of patience and wisdom)
    what is not in your reach you can live without it and this also you have to prove through your way of life and intellect .

    in our country people buy such stuff like lottery tickets etc but even we we poor before my marriage my parents never bought as they believed that easy money can bring no good to life .
    each penny we earn with our hardwork is precious than diamond and bring peace to living

  2. Does anyone ever win this fabulous prize?

  3. Money....a problem when you don't have it...a problem when you do have it. Sigh.

  4. I'm just surprised "Publisher's Clearing House" is still around. Never saw what the deal was with those...people.
    But ya, willing *only* that amount of money? Totally not worth the grief.

  5. I did this years ago, but finally gave up on the madness. I'm much happier now.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. Sigh. ☺

  6. Whew!I never thought I'd be saying this, but I'M SO GLAD YOU LOST!

  7. Sounds like you and Mrs. Cranky have already won the best prize!

  8. PCH, i haven’t entered for years. If you don’t order, just enter, after a while they quit sending it to you.

    Having to figure out to whom to leave it is a problem i would enjoy having. Little Girl could be trusted to fairly disburse it.

  9. I think I could make it on $5000 a week.

  10. Instead of assuming the children would fight, sit them down and discuss the situation, saying the money must be given to one of them, but must then be shared equally taking into account taxes etc. Seems simple to me.
    If you could save that $5000, in five years you'd have $1.3million. I'd be very happy on $5000 a week and could help my kids, but we don't have that giveaway out here.

  11. $5000 a week would buy some REALLY nice cameras!