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Saturday, February 17, 2018

No Opinions

No Opinions

A cranky Opinion for

Cranky Opinion Saturday

The following is the opinion of a simple stupid cranky old man who may have had a glass or two of wine too many.  Opposing opinions probably will be very sensitive and accepting as opposed to my bigoted disgusting stupid white cranky old man opinions.  I am sorry. 

No opinions? Oh, I have opinions.  I have lots of opinions.  I am just afraid to voice them. 

Are there any opinions today that don’t offend someone?  Are we stuck in a society where we must first consult a poll before we dare to voice an opinion? 

Are we locked into an opinion such that if we decide to change our mind…TOO LATE, in 1998 you said, XXX, so therefore get in your box, we know who you are!

I have opinions, I am just afraid to voice them.  I am insensitive, I am misogynistic, I am clearly xenophobic, and I don’t even know what that means.  I am obviously a racist because I am white and I vote Republican most of the time…OK, ALL the time. 

What, like you’ve ever voted non-Democratic?

I have an opinion on undocumented aliens.  I used to call them illegal aliens because they were here illegally, but I now know that that is insensitive so I call them undocumented.  I myself am an undocumented genius. 

I used to favor immigrants that followed the rules and had something special to offer this great country, but I have been educated to understand that we need diversity, and if that means we accept some unemployables, misfits, terrorists, and ignoramuses, then that is diversity, and diversity is good.

Of course, smokers are bad, we don’t need that kind of diversity.  I hate smokers.  Now if you are addicted to heroin or cocaine or meth, then we need to understand and help you; but smokers? We need to hate smokers.

I am an ignorant person.  I don’t understand why a man who feels like a woman will get a sex change and then become a lesbian.  Why not just be an effeminate man that likes women?  I don’t judge sexuality, really, I don’t.  I don’t understand, but then some people do not understand heterosexuality.  None of my business.  I just want people to be happy and productive. 

I have had gay people I thought were my friends call me a Breeder.  Apparently, that is what gay people call straight people…Breeders; like all we do is breed and procreate. Is that insensitive?  Can't be,  gay people are never insensitive, they get a free pass.

Is being a Breeder a bad thing?  I don’t know anymore.  I was offended, but then I know I am not particularly enlightened.  I probably am not allowed to be offended.

I no longer know what to say.  If you say “mankind” you are a pariah…apparently it is now “people-kind.”  How do some languages still exist that put a gender on everything? 

In French, is a chair le chaise or les chaise?

Do the French now fight about the gender of every object in their language?

I am just a simple stupid cranky old man.  Do we get any special treatment?  Why aren’t people sensitive to simple stupid cranky old men. 

Why can’t I say Black instead of African American and be accepted because I am just a simple stupid cranky old man? 

Give me some room.  

I like all kinds of people.  I am still just a little politically incorrect. Everything changes too fast for me to adjust.  I am just a simple stupid cranky old man.

I don’t know why Oriental is so bad and Asian is just fine.  I don’t understand why Black is bad, but African American is fine.  I understand that Wop is bad, because an Italian will kick your ass, but Black used to be OK, then it became African American and now it all depends.  I do know that Towel-head is offensive, but I also have trouble with knowing who is Indian, Iranian or Pakistan, and the wrong identification will make people really angry.

I don’t know where I am going with this, I guess my point is that I am a simple stupid cranky old man.  I don’t want to offend anyone.  I like most people I have ever met.  You know who I don’t like?  I don’t like cheats and crooks and assholes.

There are cheats and crooks and assholes from all colors, cultures, religions, genders and sexual preferences.  Some of the biggest cheats, crooks and assholes I know are straight white men. 

I pretty much like everyone I have ever met and I hate everyone else. 

It does not matter your religion, your race, your culture, your gender, your sexual preference, if I have not yet met you, I hate you.  If I get to know you, I will probably end up liking you…unless you are a crook, a cheat or an asshole.

Meanwhile, I am just a simple stupid cranky old man…don’t hate me.

The preceding was the opinion of a simple stupid cranky old man who may have had one too many glasses of wine.  It is not necessarily the opinion of management…Mrs. Cranky.


  1. Terrific writing i believe!

    i love and respect all because i love and respect mysels

  2. We need to learn again the difference between disagreeing with someone and being offended. We can disagree without being offended by each other's differences of opinion.

  3. The only thing I can say with any certainty is that it's "la" chaise.. or les chaises for plural. The French language has always given objects gender. And the people-kind thing.. our Prime Minister claims it was a silly joke. It was indeed silly.

  4. Well said, I know they're anxious for our generation to die out so they can get on with their shiny, happy world.

  5. Yes, having an opinion can get you in a world of trouble here on social media. I know all too well! *like I care*

  6. Life is pretty confusing these days...I wonder what the gays call a white woman past child bearing age? Surely I'm stillnot a 'breeder'...and, if not for us, where would they be? Hmmmm? You are quite never knows any more what it is safe to say. I found myself ordering my coffee the other day and asking for it 'plain' instead of 'black' because the person serving me know....African Canadian????...perhaps. No one has a sense of humour anymore..everyone is waaaaaay too sensitive....should I be offended if someone calls me 'grandma'? I don't know about 'people kind' maybe 'humankind'? It kind of flows better dontcha think.

  7. I like most of the people I've met, too, at least one-on-one. And if someone asks me to call them "Jenny" now even though I knew them as "Richard" before, I'll do it, although I might slip up once or twice.

    But if I had the choice of being called an "undocumented genius" or an "illegal genius," I'd definitely choose illegal genius. In fact, I might put that on my business cards: "Harry Hamid: Illegal Genius."

  8. Well said. I'm starting to believe you really ARE an undocumented genius!

  9. I partially blame our leftist educational system which supports this kind of baloney. I just want my degree so I can get the hell out of there. It curls the hair.

  10. You said everything I agree with. We've been programed to not to have other opinions from those who have opinions we don't agree with or just plain don't understand. It's a crazy world.

  11. Yup, we live in a free-for-all society, unless you have a conservative point of view. Then you're just phobic.

  12. It really does take some thought today to make any statement that doesn't offend someone.

  13. I love this post. It really is the way things are. Back home we had the Jew neighbor, the black neighbor, the Orientals lived on the corner and we were the Eye-talians across the street. We've heard every racial slur or whatever is deemed politically incorrect today and we didn't kill each other and most of us are still alive. We still get together for bbq's when we can, and now the grandkids shovel the driveways but we're all still neighborly. The only name I never understood was when people started calling black people Afro-Americans. Isn't an afro a hairstyle? I thought it was and I really think they should bring those back because there is something very cool about afros. I don't know how many cool Afro-Americans are cool but I can tell you my black neighbors are. :) - Signed, Eye-talian across the street.

  14. you make perfect sense. I agreed with you, everyone's the same so we should just like/hate people for who they are and not what they represent.

    have a lovely day.

  15. Pass the wine Buddy I'm right there with you, seriously you made some excellent points.

  16. Hi Cranky,

    We are opposite ends of the political spectrum and I am a very opinionated, not quite so old man but generally I welcome opposing viewpoints because I am trying my best to understand them. I try not to post opinions on my own blog but sometimes they just pop out because things make me annoyed. If I lived in the US I would be a rampant Democrat - and I'm sure that Republicans would accuse me of all sorts of things. One time, I posted a comment on an American blog where the author was criticising Obamacare and I merely spoke about our wonderful NHS. I was called all sorts of names! It works both ways. BTW In the UK we don't call black people African-British - we simply call them black people. They are happy with that. The way I see it, if a troll or somebody who disagrees with you attacks you for your opinions or views, you should ask them why, preferably with proof. I feel like people should talk more. They don't.

    By the way, I've never met you but I don't hate you. I actually think you're a funny old guy. I like everyone though (except Piers Morgan and Donald Trump - please don't insult me over that).




  17. I all em like I see em. It’s like the old saying goes, What other people think of me is none of my business.

  18. I am usually just a bit behind the times on what is acceptable. I know "Indian" is out (and thankfully so) but I only very recently learned that Native American is out of favor. I am not sure if it's replaced by First Nation or Indigenous People (although at some point long ago they were first immigrants). And to further confuse me there was a tribal gathering in the area which they billed as the "Native American Indian Festival."

  19. As a kid growing up in Germany where the language has a gender for everything, I always wondered why refrigerator was male, but door was female. Cat is female, dog is male. Go figure.

    As far a using adjectives to describe people, I've decided that it's best to leave them out. I had friends in South Carolina who would say, "...the black guy who robbed the gas station..." but if it was a white guy, they'd say, "...the guy who robbed the gas station..."

    Then I made fun of them by saying, "my homosexual dentist" or "my white gynecologist" just to show them how weird it sounded.

    You're pretty OK in my book. We're all plagued by having opinions and sometimes uttering them in a way that not everybody appreciates. Hah!