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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Just a Little Research…It’s not that hard

Just a Little Research…It’s not that hard*
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and a bunch of other places I don’t venture, all are great ways to spread news and ideas.  The problem is, they are not monitored that carefully so the information is not always correct.

Apparently one of the ways the Russians turned the election to Trump was they spent a few million dollars on Facebook and Twitter saying nasty things about Hillary.  I wonder how many votes you can swing spending a few million dollars on social media?  Twelve? Maybe twenty-seven?
The problem with these social media places is there is in fact lots of fake news. 
I see about two or three a day. 
As a public service, I will tell all you idiots that are too stupid to think for yourselves (obviously no readers of this blog) how to tell fake news on social media.
If it seems outrageous, it is probably fake.  If it does not appear on any cable or mainstream media, it is probably fake.  If it makes you angry, it is probably fake.  What to do if you see a story that seems outrageous, does not appear on any cable or mainstream media, and makes you angry?
Google it.
Just go to Google and do a little due diligence. 
I can’t tell you how many times I see a story and go:
“Oh crap, Trump is going to be impeached,” or
Oh crap, Hillary is going to go to jail,” or  

"Damn, eating eggs will make your hair fall out."

Then I google the story and sure enough it is pure crap…Fake news!
And yet the post on Facebook has about 27 comments calling for impeachment, or jail or egg banning!
People...stories on Facebook and Twitter are not verified.  Clowns make stuff up just to rile people up.  Half the time it is a goof without expectations of belief and yet we are conditioned to believe anything that is in print. 
The way to combat fake news, the way to neutralize Russian interference, is do a little research.  You see this stuff on your computer, take about 15 seconds and do your own research. 
It is called Google.
WOW!  That is hard to believe!
Google it.
Oh, I see, it is hard to believe, because it is crap.
Come on people, do a little research, it is not that hard. 

*Oh crap, I mentioned Trump and Hillary, and made an in jest semi political comment, sorry...this post is not intended to be political in nature, comments that interject a political opinion will be deleted. 


  1. Then there are the posts that are so old they have cobwebs.

  2. I was once a Facebook fan and am still a half-hearted Twitterer. I quickly saw through Facebook so I gave that up and stuck with Twitter. Which reminds me, I must go have a look on there in case i have missed something good!!

  3. Using a little common sense will usually unmask fake news, too. Unfortunately common senses is not as common as it used to be.

  4. and exist for a good reason, too.

  5. Yep. I see it constantly. I tell people - if it pisses you off there's a good chance it's fake news.

  6. I do know people who were swayed by Facebook posts. Who told you that? Where did the information come from? Is that a trustworthy source? Have you checked into it? I'm suspicious because . . . That was my mantra for a while. Then I ended up just deleting my FB account and life got better because I wasn't slapped in the face everyday with the evidence that people are stupid and/or gullible. I don't necessarily trust Google as an ultimate authority either,
    though. Maybe I will start a Cynical Old Lady blog.

  7. Good grief even the mainstream media has put out fake news. You just can't trust much of anything. I do agree that you need to check things out though. It's not all that hard. Well for some it seems it is.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  8. That is one reason why I'm not on Facebook or Twitter orany of the other social media sites....just this don't you be feeding me any 'fake news' okay?

  9. I rarely visit Facebook anymore for just that reason, it is amazing how quickly a fake story like this will be picked up and shared by the masses. A little fact checking would eliminate a lot of misery in my opinion, like you said it's not that hard.

  10. I have family spread out all over the country. Facebook helps keep us in touch with each other. Whenever 'news' of any kind pops up in my timeline I click the three little dots in the upper right hand corner of post. Then I click on "Hide post - see fewer posts like this".

    Other than Ted Talks and an occasional ad (what can you do!) my FB time is news free! I still get to share the day and events with my crazy friends and relatives but don't have to get all riled up!

  11. I agree with Sandy and Olga up above. You need to consult a variety of sources, and Google has a way of leading you where it wants you to go.

  12. Google will show Snopes and other sources, especially if it is a bull shit story.

  13. last day hubby was sharing with me a news about eating rice as night meal is dangerous to health and i became concerned as after marriage according to this province tradition each night rice are permanent part of dinner .
    i though i will google about it when find time ,i agree we should not trust on such sources blindly as behind each are men of various reasons

  14. Yeah, political stuff is very prone to fake news. Right along with medical "news" - drink organic apple cider vinegar to cure your cancer!