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Thursday, February 8, 2018

I Hate the way it Fits!

I Hate the way it Fits!
I have dug myself into a few holes in this blog while talking about the difference between men and women.   Apparently, the only differences between the sexes that is acceptable these days is when women are on the superior side.
If you go by TV commercials you would be led to believe that not only are men complete idiots, but that we can no longer even win an arm wrestling match with a woman.  I am not prepared to argue the idiot thing, but dammit I can whip 90% of all the women on the face of the Earth in arm wrestling, and I am over 70 for crap sake.  

Give us something!
I have also argued the man-flu myth; and the pay differential thing…ok it exists, but not to the extent that is advertised.  I don’t know about the “me too” stuff, I know men can be pigs, but gol-darn it I have never been that kind of pig so stop lumping me and lots of other men into the men-in- power-pig-pool.
OK, here is one man-woman difference that I will admit to.
Men are whimps about clothes. 
I can not stand uncomfortable clothes.  If a shirt does not fit just right I will not wear it.
“What’s wrong?”
“The collar is choking me!”
“Oh, for God sake, toughen up.”
I can’t, if the collar is tight I can not wear it.  I have brand new jeans that are not broken in and will never be worn because they pull on my crotch and I have other beat-up jeans that are broken in and are comfortable.  Even underwear, some just runs into the the plumber's crack.  I hate new stuff, it never fits right.
Shoes…are you kidding me.  It takes months to break in a new pair, and I will whine the whole time.  Yes, I will, I confess.
Meanwhile, Mrs. C will work a new pair of shoes too small for her feet and not complain a bit.
“Why are you limping.”
“Oh, nothing.”
Giant heels, thin skin-ripping straps…it does not matter, she will endure.
She will wear dresses that look fabulous but are as uncomfortable as hell and I won’t know until we get home and she sighs,
“Oh, it feels good to get out of that!”
Women wear stuff to pull them in, push them up, shape their legs and never complain.
Men seek comfort.  Women go for style and looks and a little pain is not a deterrent.
You may say women are tougher than men because they work right through a cold…I might not agree.  You may say women are tough because they are able to deliver a baby…true, but do they have a choice?  But one area I will not argue, women can endure any discomfort in clothes if it makes them look thinner or sexier.  

Men whine at any clothes discomfort.
Most men could not care less about their style, they prefer comfort; but we do appreciate the pain you ladies put up with to look as good as you do.
Vive la difference!


  1. Men seek comfort, no doubt about it.
    "But you tried it out in the trial room, didn't you?" says wifey.

  2. Guess this makes me a man then. Ha Ha. I refuse to wear what I'm not comfortable in. Always the same brand of jeans and shorts because I know they fit right, ditto all underwear, same brand year after year, and sneakers. I've worn the same brand, style and size for about 12 years now. They don't need any breaking in. No tight skirts or high heels for me.

  3. There's nothing worse than uncomfortable clothes but I can say that now that I'm older and ... er ... wiser!

  4. I think men are really tough..after all, they have to live with us.

  5. You nailed it. The thought of wearing high heel shoes baffles me. Why would women endure 8 hours of walking around essentially on the balls of their feet, with a spike aimed at their heels? Comfort every time, baby!

  6. I agree with you Joe, it is all about comfort for me too, I want my new jeans to be prewashed and already broken in or else I'll just wear the old ones, and I can relate to the shirts that choke you for no apparent reason...

  7. Now, now, don't whine. I still love men with all their foibles, and 90% of the ones I know well are just like you and we appreciate the guys in our lives everyday. We women don't let the bad apples ruin the whole bunch, don't you guys allow the same......
    I admit that I've worn uncomfortable shoes because they look great, and hey! I wear a bra every day, and those things are darned uncomfortable.

  8. So what's your point? Men are smarter about what they wear, everyone knows that. Better to walk naked than to wear something painful .... OK, maybe that doesn't work. But, ya know, how silly is it to wear something uncomfortable? On purpose?

  9. Dang, I guess there must be an over abundance of testosterone in me. I won't wear uncomfortable clothes, I won't wear heels no matter how pretty they make my legs look, I've only worn a bra twice in the last year but I could barely tell it was on. And I only wore it because if I wasn't wearing it, the men in the group we were with talk to my boobs and not to me.

    I've continuously complained that ever since Archie Bunker took to the tube, men are presented as idiots. They can't plug in a toaster without burning the house down. Most children's shows present all adults as blithering idiots and the smartest person in the house/family/neighborhood is usually about 8.

    If you don't like how men are presented, write to the TV show, the network and the advertisers. I do and I boycott the products.

  10. There are differences, and different does not imply inferior or superior on either side. Just different. It’s a good thing.

  11. I was all set for a rebuttal but your last two sentences saved the day. Yes, we willingly suffer for you guys.

  12. To be fair about your arm-wrestling might have an advantage because you are unencumbered in your comfortable clothes. The women's movements might be restricted by their UNcomfortable clothes. Just sayin', you might only be able to whoop 89% of us. And you might want to reconsider using that word "whip" in reference to women.

  13. I'm such a klutz in anything frilly and fancy, I never wore that "white wedding dress" most women dream of. Comfort wins over fancy every single time!