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Monday, February 5, 2018


I spent another Super Bowl watching by myself in the basement. 
Aw…poor Cranky old Man.
No! No need for your sympathy, it is as I want it to be.  Sure, I was not invited to any party, but this time having few friends works for me.  I HATE the Super Bowl parties. 
I like football and I like talking football.  I dislike being shushed when the stupid commercials come on and I hate the stupid made for non-football fans halftime show. 
Bring on the marching band with the tuba section forming giant balloons and baton girls tossing batons…THAT IS A HALF TIME SHOW!!
So, I watched the game in the basement, switched to boxing at half time and texted back and forth to my Eagle loving son instead of listening to stupid non-fan chatter.
“Isn’t Tom cute?”
“What color are the Falcons?”
“Whatever, the bird team?”
“Where is the game played?”
“Isn’t it cold there?”
“No, the game is insi…”
“SHHHH, the commercials are starting.”
NO, I did not miss that!
So, I rooted for the Eagles because my son is an Eagles fan, my daughter and grandchildren are Eagles fans, my family has Philadelphia roots, and as good as the Patriots are, as much as Brady is great and is a class act and as cool a town as Boston is, I hate Boston teams. 
Don’t ask, it’s personal.
It was a great night.  Not only did my team win in what was one of the most fun Super Bowls to watch ever…who needs defense?
Fly Eagles Fly!
But also, Mrs. C, that half Italian non-cook wife of mine, actually dug into her roots, remembered her mother’s teaching and whipped up a pot of gravy (tomato sauce with meat) meatballs, sausage (sauseech to Jersey Italians) and lasagna.

She spent six hours in the kitchen making this!

The Super Bowl without meaningless chatter and commercial evaluations, rooting for the winning team, and lasagna, meatballs, sauseech and Sunday gravy; it doesn’t get any better!


  1. Your wife did a great job on the food. Looks fabulous.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  2. YES!! This is it, exactly my thoughts!! Years ago I tried the Superbowl party thing. Invited my football friends and family and planned some simple snacks. And then Queenie invited some friends. Non-football friends, foodies and houseplants who only wanted to see the commercials and gossip. So we set up an area in the dining room w/TV for commercials and an area in the living room w/TV. Then the foodies and houseplants complained that they didn't have a recording going to replay like the footballers did. The footballers complained that I didn't have a big TV (I warned 'em, BTW), just an average size one. Things degenerated from there and it all broke up early, lesson learned. By me. Next year and for 8 years following Queenie keeps it going and after a couple only Sensible and I are left as footballers. So we don't do that anymore, we DVR the game so we can all see replays, and it's back to just family. Which is OK, but still somewhat chatty and commercially. What're ya gonna do?

  3. All the Super Bowl parties I went to years ago were busts. No one paid any attention to the game, everyone got drunk and I am long glad to be rid of them. This year's event was a GREAT game and for once, somebody figured out how to beat Brady and Gronkowski and Belichek. I watched on the big screen tv in the living room, SWMBO stayed in her room. I thought the halftime show was terrible too.

  4. Sounds like you had the perfect Super Bowl Game party all by yourself.

  5. It does sound like the perfect day :)
    Did you get garlic bread with the rest of the food?

  6. I was unable to entirely avoid that game.
    The other inhabitants and some holdovers from Sunday supper insisted upon watching halftime.
    Then the TV was left on so I couldn’t help but observe some of the game because I wouldn’t leave the room.
    I periodically heard the MoB whenever someone made a play.

  7. Sweetie made chili and we took it to a party where we ate and talked and had our gift swap that we hadn't done at Christmas because we couldn't schedule it (i got a banana hook, which i've wanted but never bothered to buy for myself), and we left early to give our son a ride home from work.

    Our night was excellent for us, yours was excellent for you, and that's as it should be.

  8. Yeah, I dont think I'd enjoy a party during something I actually want to watch. Food looks yummy!

  9. I'm so glad all your wishes came true! Homemade that's true love!

  10. No parties for us. Just a great game. Well with such disappointing commercials and a stupid half time show that we didnt watch but the football part was good.

  11. I'd say that all the best parties are ones where I'm alone, but that would probably say more about me than it would about parties.

    I'm not a football fan, but I was happy to see the Patriots lose. Now if we can go a few years without them in the Superbowl at all...

  12. That sounds perfect! Go eagles!!

  13. Wow Joe, Congratulations on a perfect day, That was a close game with a perfect ending...

  14. That sounds like THE PERFECT WAY to watch the Super Bowl! I'm not a lasagna fan, but I would eat that!

  15. Our football games are nothing compared to yours but I don't care because I don't watch them. Glad you had such a good time.

  16. Me too on Super Bowl parties. I love parties. I love sports. I don't love mixing them. What an awesome game it was. I taped the first part so I could fast forward past the commercials and took my bath at half time so I missed the show. One punt--never boring and was up for grabs till the last few minutes. Best one that I can remember. Mrs. C sure did right by you on all fronts.

    1. OK, AP, you, Jimmy, Catalyst, and Xavior are all invited to my basement for next year's game; Mrs. C will throw on an extra pot of gravy.

  17. Je pense que c'est un manga d'une qualité rare.

  18. Sounds like you had a great Super Bowl party of your own! Good for you. Wasn't it a great game? Seriously, ever since my son started playing football, I now understand the game and actually know what's going on! My husband is loving life because now I sit on the couch next to him, yelling at players and getting all into the game, when before all I did was come into the room for the commercials. Now, I have to admit that I still do like the commercials (except this years disappointed a bit, but I did like the one where Manning did the Dirty Dancing routine) and I still do enjoy the half time show (I wonder if Justin Timberlake knew there'd be a game going on during his concert on Sunday?) but besides those two things, I think I'm ready now for my shoulder pads and helmet. Put me in, coach!

  19. Ohhhhhhhhhhh that looks so good.

  20. Drat, now I'm hungry for lasagna.......looks like a wonderful feast!

  21. The food sounds delicious! And now I want to make lasagna. I totally agree with you about Super Bowl parties. I'm not in to football, at all, to the point that I'm never sure who's in the Super Bowl. I can't imagine why anyone who cares about the game would enjoy my company to watch it, and I'd be bored out of my mind. You watch the Super Bowl the way I watch cooking competition shows, happily alone and undisturbed.

  22. Lasagna looks great. And now you can ignore my question from two posts ago. :-)