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Friday, February 9, 2018

Politics Is Not Funny

Politics Is Not Funny
A cranky opinion for
The following is the uneducated opinion of a cranky old man.  It is not intended to elicit a discussion on current political positions, or as a venue to beat up on our President, I get it, you think he is scum.  Opposing opinions are welcome, but may not be published, so no need to push a specific agenda.  As always, no name calling, and that means you, you big stupid-head.
Years ago, before the internet, Facebook, Twitter and such, back when news reporters would not publish every off-the-cuff remark made by politicians, there used to be something called civility.  We did not always like our leaders, but they always got our respect.
Then along came Richard Nixon, perhaps not quite as evil a man as he has been portrayed, but a man with such a disagreeable personality (if he didn’t have a disagreeable personality, he would have had no personality at all) that he was fair game for reporters to denigrate.
Thanks, Tricky Dick, thanks for beings such an easy target, thanks for being such a dick, that we lost all civility in politics.  Thanks to you, dirt that used to be quietly swept under the carpet is now on display 24/7, even if it is not really dirt, but can be portrayed as dirt.
Politicians, in fact, everyone in the public eye are no longer allowed to speak off-the-cuff and they cannot have a sense of humor, because every statement is shredded and spit back at them with the negative spin and fake intonation that will sell papers and an agenda.
The result?
Boring politicians. 
Al Gore, did he ever smile?  Did he ever take less than five minutes of mulling over an answer before spitting out carefully purified Pablum?
Bob Dole, a man who could put an ADD sufferer to sleep with a single speech. 
John Kerry who made boards seem flexible. 
Pick a Bush, do any of them excite you?
Hillary?  Well she could raise her voice…note to Hillary, great orators no longer need to yell and pause dramatically, there are things called microphones.
The list on both sides of the aisle is endless and B O R I N G!
We have had a few politicians with personality.  Bill Clinton was charming, Barack Obama was allowed a sense of humor thanks to a forgiving press; and these were refreshing leaders. 
I don’t like the boring safe leaders.  I want people to be able to speak not recklessly, but with at least some glimpse of a personality. 
Today, no matter what is said, it seems there are people putting on a negative spin and getting outraged.
What set me off on this rant you ask?  What humorous comment did President Trump make that was unfairly misinterpreted? None, at least not that I care to mention.  Trump is a whole different animal from stiff as a board or to one with a personality.  I’m not going to comment and get into that pissing contest.
No, what got me this morning was a comment by Bette Midler, a favorite entertainer of mine since I first saw her on Johnny Carson.  Yes, I first noticed her glorious Ta Ta’s because I am a pig, but I also love her voice, her acting, and her sense of humor.
Bette recently tweeted in her angst to see the passing of the latest budget that was being held up by Rand Paul,
“Where is Rand Paul’s neighbor when we need him?”
Rand Paul had been recently beaten up rather severely by his neighbor over a property line dispute.
Bette was harshly attacked for her tweet as inappropriately and irresponsibly calling for violence against a politician.
Oh, stop it!  It was funny, and I like Rand, or I at least respect his conviction.
Besides, for an old broad, Bette still has nice Ta Ta’s.
The preceding was the opinion of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.


  1. One of the problems is nobody understands sarcasm or irony any more.
    Nothing can be said tongue in cheek without someone else asking, “Really?”
    Everything is taken literally.
    I truly hate that this has happened.

    1. I missed that point, your comment should be a footnote.

  2. Great post. It's the same here in the UK and I hate it.

  3. OMG! How DARE you!?!? "Besides, for an old broad, Bette still has nice Ta Ta’s." REALLY?? This is just an outrageous example of agism and should not be tolerated on a family blog.

    1. LOL

      I am sorry if I may have offended any old broads with nice Ta Ta's , it was not my intention.

  4. We need a sarcasm mark and an irony mark.

  5. I also saw her tweet and thought it was funny. The neighbor drama was so absurd, but also so relatable, it's hard to believe people didn't see how truly funny it was.

  6. No one has a sense of humour anymore...or if they do they are suppressing it.....what a sad world we live in.

  7. Very well said. I love this post. I don't are about Midler's ta ta's though. Just saying.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  8. Hadn't seen the quote before and laughed out loud when I just read it. That was funny. Sadly now days everything everything is taken literally.

  9. Everybody is scared to say anything anymore in fear of offending someone, nothing seems to be taken as a joke when one is given, everything is taken so literally and out of context. Laughing about a politician getting beat up by a neighbor over his property line, or rather the comment "where is this neighbor when we need him", or about an old broads ta ta's should be OK in the context that it is given neither statement was intended to be harmful, but like you pointed out no one can take a joke anymore...I wonder if I need to watch out for my neighbor now?

  10. Wait. . . Bette Midler has nice Ta Ta's?

    Oh, I think politics is hilarious (only one 'L'); for a bunch of bland personalities, they still manage to be pompous jackasses. . .

  11. Maybe we need a new party. Perhaps the "Party Of The Nice Ta Ta's". Surely half of us could unite behind that one. ;)

  12. Wait, what? Was your coma extended during both of George W's terms? He was a walking talking gag reel!! And the press ate it up, pointing out every mis-speak and every awkward foible.

    You know, the same stuff that they hid about Clinton and Obama. And the rest? Yeah they were at least as boring as you say. likely more .....

  13. Something tells me that even though you can beat Old Broad Bette at arm wrestling, it does not diminish your appreciation of her nice Ta Ta's.

  14. ... and for the record, you can have Bette. But the Rand Paul thing was even more absurd, it wasn't the lie the main stream media told about a property line but rather his neighbor was enraged because Rand egregiously composted his yard waste instead of getting it out of site and sent to the landfill like any good neighbor should. In other words, his liberal neighbor was angry that Rand didn't sweep his environmental efforts into the garbage truck .... like any self-respecting should do.

  15. I had no idea, men liked Bette's Ta Ta's. News to me...

  16. Love your post and you are so right...we've become too sensitive about off-the-cuff remarks. It makes me wonder if any of the late-night TV comedians could pull it off as a politician.