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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Get Out of There

Get Out of There

Anyone who follows this blog knows I am very fond of Mrs. Cranky.  Yes, I make fun of her but it is just teasing.  The teasing usually comes back at me from testosterone lacking readers by way of comments which tend to side with my wife.  Some readers even call me a jerk. 

Readers also know I like to get away to my basement hideaway to watch TV, practice guitar and mess around on the internet.  I believe Mrs. C also welcomes my time away from her.  I am retired and she only works part time, without alone time our relationship might go stale.

“What are you talking about Cranky?”

Well for instance, we often finish each other’s sentences.  We often have the same thought at the same time.  We enjoy the same restaurants and TV shows.  These are all good things, but sometimes this togetherness goes too far.

This morning, I was on the computer working on a comment to The Old AF Sarge’s blog.  I paused for one second trying to think of just the right word.

“What word are you searching for.”

“What? I’m not searching for any word.”

“Yes you are, I can tell.”

“No, I’m just resting, thinking of nothing.”

“You are searching for a word.”

“Am not.”

“I could help.”

“How would you express ‘progress’, but with a slightly negative connotation?”

“Inevitable change?”

“That works…now get out of my head!”

Marriage is great.  Togetherness is wonderful.  Having mutual interests is nice.  Getting occasional alone time is important, but it is pretty difficult when one partner is able to get inside your head!

I gotta get to the basement.


  1. Joe even when you are in the basement the scary thing is she will still be right there in your head, I swear she and Cindy have to be sisters.

  2. I feel compelled to read your blog as i find it so genuine and really interesting!

    i know that whatever you write is just a "
    light sharing in " purley your style" nothing serious .

    i wish i can visit more often and may be i will whenever i will be free and my head will be on it's own senses(sometimes i just forget)

    Mrs C sounds like me as my eldest sun and husband irritate with my this (digging) habit but believe me it often works for them they acknowledge it or not as it did for you this time!

  3. Same applied with me and him, only the other way round! They call it true partnerships.

  4. I have never been that close to anyone, not even my husbands.

  5. Sounds like a perfect partnership to me :-)

  6. I suggest you line your basement walls with thin sheets of lead to prevent unwanted brain wave penetration. (Just don't lick them.)

  7. Hhmm, I rather thought that you had help with that "inevitable change" thing. Well done Mrs. C!

    (And you're a better man than me for fessing up to that.)

  8. I'm with River. I've had 2 husbands, both respectful, kind and easy to be with BUT I am much
    happier to be living alone. If we have multiple lives, this is not my life for romance. Whatever makes
    us happy.

  9. Works for us too. That's why he goes fishing.

  10. As a fellow basement aficionado, I understand your enjoyment of some alone time, both in the basement, and in your head.

  11. That's the best description of love I've heard in a while. It also explains why Jack has been so enthusiastic about my setting up an "office" (getaway) space for him in the basement. Truth be told I was really thinking that there was now a place to hang that giant Tombstone movie poster he got for Christmas. And I know he knows that's the real reason too!

  12. Alone time is important...if you figure out how to get any let me know.

  13. Heeheehee! Yes, if you don't spend time off by yourself the togetherness becomes way too much. Enjoy your basement!

  14. Queenie knows just how cold, dark, and clammy this noggin is so she mostly stays out of it ... besides, when she does venture in she's usually in a different corner than I am. You know, the one nearest the emergency escape hatch ....

  15. We moved into town about 12 years ago. His commute is now 2 minutes instead of 25. Must be why I see him going around the block a couple of times before pulling into the driveway!

    I like it in his head, it's spacious!

    He's one of the smartest, nicest men in the world, I love him dearly, so I'm kidding about the spacious.

  16. Sometimes people are lucky enough to find someone who is exactly on the same wavelength. It sounds as if both you and Mrs. C know and appreciate this! :-)