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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Just In Case You Are an Idiot

Just In Case You Are an Idiot
What is this thing?
Mrs. Cranky likes to shop on-line.  When I step out of the house I always check to not trip over the latest purchase that FedEx leaves by our front door.  Seldom anything really expensive, usually just stuff that seems really great on TV, in real life…not so much.
Above is her latest purchase.  What is it?
Stop reading now and guess; if you guess correctly, give yourself a WHOOP-TE-DOO!  I’ll wait.
La de da de da…
The latest purchase works very well for cleaning glasses.  (Did you guess correctly?)
It fits on a key chain so you always have it handy. 
If you wear glasses, you know how their lack of cleanliness will creep up on you.  When you do clean them, it is like a whole new world opens up.  I like to clean my glasses often, so I do like this gadget.
My only problem with this new tool is how does it work?  Actually I am not an idiot, once I know what it is I can figure out how to work it.  But in case you are an idiot, they do include instructions.
There are apparently three steps.
          1.      Look at it
2.     Place it near your glasses lens
3.     Place around glasses lenses
I’m not sure they really needed to include instructions, but as long as they have instructions, they should include all necessary steps.  They failed to show several steps.
 They don’t show to gently closing the contraption on the lens.
They don’t show to rub it around each lens.
I Figured out those steps all by my self.
What am I, an Idiot?


  1. I'm surprised there wasn't a "safety warning" as well. Gotta cover all the bases!

    1. WARNING: Do not use while wearing glasses. Do not poke in eye. For external use only.

    2. Bob, Harry and Mr. Cranky,
      You crack me up!

  2. Getting a morning chuckle out of your instruction interpretation. :)

  3. I am surprised that there was no disclaimer keeping them from being sued over random finger pinching injuries to people trying to read the instructions and clean their glasses at the same time.

  4. And have you noticed that most "instructions" these days are presented by illustration only, often without written text? I wonder if that's because they sell their products worldwide and don't want to have to print copies in a dozen different languages, or because they think we're too stupid to read and comprehend? I'm hoping it's the former, but I fear it's the latter.

    1. Never thought of that...probably it's both.

  5. I carry around a microfiber lens cloth made for camera lenses. Can get 6 or 8 of them for about $5. We have about 20 of them floating around, so each car has a couple, each camera bag has a couple, carry one in my jeans or sweatshirt. Can even go in the wash and not get broken. Problem is, they don't come with instructions, so you've got to figure them out yourself!

  6. Handy little gadget, i need to get Sweetie one. He's always needing to clean his glasses, and i get tired of him reaching for my shirt sleeve.

  7. I guessed correctly because I have a couple of those.

  8. I just carry a clean soft hanky everywhere to clean my speccies with.

  9. Without a scale, I couldn't judge how big this thingamajing in the first picture was. My guess was that it was some sort of window blinds cleaner thingy.

    Oh, yeah, my blinds are really dusty...


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