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Thursday, February 15, 2018


What a rig-a-ma-roll my step-son (SS) has gone through recently. 
He had a slight accident on Christmas Eve.  Late at night he was backing out of a space at a gas station convenience store.  It was dark, it was snowing, and he did not see a large black pick-up truck. 
He backed into it. 
The other driver and his passenger blamed SS.  SS did not know what happened.  He got into his car and no one was behind him, he started the engine, turned on the lights, checked his mirrors and backed up…then bang.
Both vehicles had minor damage. SS has not yet repaired his dented fender and he may not bother as everything is still functional. 
The young truck driver, (TD) surveyed the damage and asked SS for $500 cash.  SS declined, he has insurance, he does not have $500 cash. 
Mrs. C and I at first thought it was a set up for money, we are now leaning away from that theory.
The accident was reported to the police.  SS reported the incident to his insurance company, and the insurance company determined that with a witness, it was SS’s fault.
For the next several weeks TD and TD’s father made several calls to SS demanding money. TD even came to SS’s home once and someone, probably TD’s father, called and claimed to be an insurance representative threatening legal action.
Throughout all this ridiculous harassment, SS just said,
“I’ve turned this to my insurance company, they will handle it from here.” 
TD and TD’s father threatened legal action anyway.
A few weeks ago, SS got notice from the insurance company that all claims had been paid and the incident was closed.  Repair to the truck was $1200, and TD was also reimbursed $1200 for a rental car for 19 days.
19 DAYS? I know!
Last week SS got notice he was being sued $400 in small claims court.
TD had taken out insurance on his 19-day rental that he did not need to as he had collision from his truck.  The insurance  company did not pay for this $400 unnecessary charge.  TD did not understand and did not reach out to the insurance company for an explanation, he just filed a small claims suit.
Today (2-14) Mrs. C and I went to court to support SS.  He did not need us, he handled it well. 
We got to court at 8:45.
At 10:45 SS and TD went to a mediation room where TD found for the first time why he was denied the $400.  He mumbled some stupid stuff.  He claimed he did not have insurance.  It was pointed out that his truck was a 2018 worth about $35000 and it would be unusual to not insure the truck, but to take out insurance on a rental. 
It was suggested that he needed to prove he did not have collision on his truck which would apply to the rental.  He mumbled that he was told he would have no expense and demanded to go to trial.
At 12:30 we left SS as Mrs. C had work.
At 1:30, TD asked for a trial postponement, SS did not agree. 
At 3:00 the case was called and TD was nowhere to be found.
At 3:30 SS won the case by default because TD had gone home.
This case has been like the monster in the movie that never dies.  Just when you think it is over it is not.
TD and his father were playing the role of bullies.  They first wanted a quick $500 and then they would probably have still continued to demand more.  Then they managed to rip off the insurance company for as much as possible, (how the insurance company would not consider a 19-day rental for a fender bump unreasonable I’ll never know), but at least in the end, SS paid nothing (except for probably higher future rates) and TD is out $400 because he was greedy; he was a bully, but most of all he is really stupid!
Did I also mention he and his father are complete assholes?
No?  Well I don't want to leave that out.
TD and his father are both complete assholes!


  1. TD is generically predisposed to be an @$$#%|€ because his father is one.

  2. And this is why I ride the buses and trains. glad to see SS won, even if it was by default. He knows he has done the right thing.

  3. What a nightmare. I'm glad SS had the stamina to cope.

  4. Oh my gosh, that is horrible! If people would put as much time into something productive, rather than trying to rip off the system . . .

  5. You don't need to tell us that father and son are assholes. I got that from the exchange.

    I'm very happy that your step son prevailed. This bullying happens way to often anymore.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Joe. ☺

  6. I sincerely hope SS has heard the last of them.

  7. Yea for SS and justice. What a nightmare and it is good to see that the greedy little a**hole failed so miserably. 19 days??? What a nut case.

  8. I am glad SS used his head, did everything correctly, and didn't fall for their bullying. It's a shame that good people are taken advantage of everyday like this, it makes me wonder if TD actually got his truck fixed or somehow got his hands on the insurance check? I can see this happening.

    You have to be proud of SS for not being like them.

    1. That's what we thought Jimmy, that it was a big scam and the clown moved his car to be hit as SS was backing out, but we saw the truck in the lot and it was repaired, also if the rental was a scam, he would have known why the $400 was not paid, we now decided he is just really stupid, probably it is the father who is the bully.

  9. Slimey people everywhere. The week after I got a dash cam I was rear-ended and the woman called 911 before even getting out of her car to report it and claim I was harassing and threatening her. She didn't know I had the dash cam so she also claimed I was backing up down the road and ran into her. When the officer arrived I directed him to talk to her first and she gave a great performance. When it was my turn I simply showed him the cam footage. He wrote it up and dismissed me, then cited her. She did call my insurance company but they already had the footage by then so .... since she hit my trailer hitch, all he damage was to her car. Her boyfriend tried calling a couple times .... until I answered "Cheatum and Dead attorneys at law, how may I help you?". Click, and done ;-)

  10. Holy smokes. Just a simple exchange of ins. info. is all that was needed here. What a nightmare but I'm happy that SS was not bilked out of any money. You're right. TD and dad are assholes. - Kudos to you and Mrs C for showing up for support. :)

  11. So the asshole doesn't fall far from the tree, eh?

    It is truly amazing how much aggravation can come into our lives just from random contact with assholes. . . (jeez, that sounds a whole lot nastier than I meant it to be. . .)

  12. Dennis Leary, call your office. . . ;)

  13. People who want something for nothing are everywhere. It does not help that the attorneys advertise that they will help you get a big check. Everyone in a fender bender wants a huge check now.

  14. Kudos to SS for standing up to bullies. It's a life lesson that will serve him well the rest of his life.

  15. Congrats to SS for using common sense. It's so rare these days. Glad his ordeal is over.

  16. Sounds like I need to send Bubba up to have a chat with TD and his dad. If he couldn’t talk a little sense into them, he’d feed ‘me to his hogs :)

  17. Wow, glad it worked out well for SS. Some people are just greedy jerks.

  18. Glad it ended up OK for SS. Great case for those dash cams!