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Friday, January 20, 2017



A cranky opinion for

Cranky Opinion Saturday

The preceding is the opinion of a cranky old man who was barely a “C” student.  Opposing opinions are welcome but are wrong.  As always, please, no name calling, and that means you, you big stupid-head!

I’ve promised to not get political in this blog, but it is very difficult.  There are so many issues which as a country we spend so much time debating, that we lose track of what is really important. 

We need to be discussing the economy.  People need productive jobs which pay a living wage.  We have a crime problem, much of which is related to the economy especially in depressed areas.  The air could be cleaner, the water more drinkable, and wildlife could be healthier.  Education can be improved and college graduates should not be saddled with huge debt.  We have international and internal security issues, and then there is health care. 

We have many important pressing issues and yet we waste time worrying about issues that affect only a small portion of our population.  As a public service, I am temporarily appointing myself as dictator to make some declarations ending debate on these minor issues.

1.    Gay people can marry and have all the rights of heterosexual people.  Never mind the Bible says “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” (which, by the way it does not) the Bible also says “Do unto others…”  Gay people are “others”, so just stfu and move on.

2.    Transgender people and bathrooms:  Why does this get everyone in an uproar?  Use the bathroom assigned to your gender, unless  there is huge line around the ladies room and the men’s room has empty stalls, then ladies, go ahead, use those stalls…who really cares?  Have a penis and feel like a woman?  Use the stalls in the woman’s room.  If you are a creep, you will be reported just as if you are a creep in the bathroom of your assigned gender.  You may go to jail, you may get your ass kicked.  General rule, “Do not be creepy in the bathroom.” Otherwise just stfu and move on.

3.    If you want to pray in a government building you can.  If you want to hang some simple signs of your faith, it’s ok.  You cannot tell other people how to worship; you cannot be a proselytizing pain in the ass.  If you disagree with someone’s faith and they are not trying to shove it down your throat, stfu and move on.

4.    If you breast feed in public, do it as discreetly as possible.  That is it, very simple.  Don’t just whip it out and dare people to say something, and don’t look, if you don’t want to see someone discretely breast feeding.  Very simple, be discrete and don’t be creepy, otherwise stfu and move on.

5.    Don’t be a bully!  Leave people alone! Be nice.  It is not that hard.  If someone says something that mildly upsets you, get over it and stop being offended by everything.  Simple rule, be nice, stop whining, just stfu and move on.

6. Abortion...I don't like it, but there are situations where it may a legitimate personal choice.  With improved birth control, and less rigid feelings about pregnancies without marriage, it should not be as big  an issue as in years past.  Regardless, abortion is legal and that is not going to change...follow your own convictions, stfu and move on. 

As a general rule; “Be nice, stop whining and don't be creepy” covers most any social issue…be nice, stop whining don't be creepy, stfu and move on.

I now abdicate my position of dictator and leave it up to smart people to solve the real problems of the country and the world.

The preceding was the opinion of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.


  1. I probably shouldn't write this comment, but I'm fueled on that extra glass of wine with dinner tonight :)

    The Bible does clearly define marriage for those that believe in the Bible; both in the Old and New Testament. That being said, going "against" what the Bible says about marriage as well as supporting abortion are not unforgivable sins in the Bible; there's only 1 unforgivable sin listed there. Marriage is hard. If a same sex couple can make it work and raise productive children, good for them. Statistics aren't advantageous for any demographic group being totally successful in marriage; ergo my comment marriage is hard.

    My beef with abortion, though I'm 100% pro choice before conception (birth control, go for it) and 100% pro life after conception (if you are going to mess around, do something about it; and yes there are failures in any method of birth control so if you aren't willing to accept those risks, stop messing around (I wanted to use the word that started with "s" but refrained. That was the wine speaking to use the "s" word). But once it is a BABY its a baby. I love how the news media and others and the medical field refer to a pregnancy as "products of conception" or a "fetus." Think when a news person is pregnant they refer to their baby as a fetus? Hell no (wine speaking) they refer to him/her as a baby. And it you "must" terminate the life of a poor innocent baby don't wait until you are WEEKS along, like nearly full time. Have the doctor suction it out earlier in pregnancy (wine speaking).

    I agree with you; the economy is something that needs to be worked at. I said it before and I'll say it again. I'm a product of the economy gone bad and jobs taken out of America and given to ill prepared, barely able to speak the English language people of other countries who are supposed to interpret and prepare a quality medical report with intricate medical terminology, pharmacology, etc.

    And now I'm stepping off my soap box and pouring myself another glass of wine. After all, it is Friday night :)


  2. your general rule is pretty much how I live my life. I don't try forcing others to do what I think is right, because I don't want them to do it to me. And I don't mind if people disagree with me. It's allowed. It's called personal preference.

  3. Hi Cranky Man,

    I'm sure we don't agree on many political issues (Donald John Trump leaps to mind) but I agree with almost all of what you have said above.

    Who'd have thought it? ;o)

    I particularly agree with "Don’t be a bully! Leave people alone! Be nice."

    If only ...




  4. I agree on all fronts. Modern behavior leaves a lot to be desired. The way of the world is scary, sometimes I yearn for the good old days when people were polite and considerate.

  5. What ever happened to, "Sorry, but i disagree with you about X, and here's why" and sitting down to a civil discussion instead of being offended when someone says something you don't like?

    You've got great rules here. Some things i don't like won't change, i just pray about it and move on and am nice to those i disagree with.

  6. I like it. Are you sure you have to abdicate?

  7. Dictators aren't generally as reasonable as you. I'd go along with all of your ideas.

  8. A double Amen from me, Joe. Very well said and I'm so ready for so many to STFU and move on.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ☺

  9. Have you considered running for president in 2020?

  10. I'd go along with most of your plans and if that meant no more elections for your lifespan, I crown you dictator right now. Be careful though, most dictators don't get to slide gently from office. Heads tend to roll.

  11. Damn, I wish you'd run for president.

  12. I agree that you can't legislate morality. The real problem is that you can no longer state your beliefs without being labeled.

  13. Yes, what the world needs now is more stfu-ing and moving on!

  14. Once again, Joe, you're letting your common sense run wild....and that's a good thing. Yes, considering all the crap going on, both domestically and internationally, why are we wasting time arguing about how large the crowd was at The Donald's inauguration? Who cares? These little pissy-ass issues we're talking about are totally meaningless! How about getting on with those trade-reform issues, getting jobs back here, replacing Obamacare with something better, getting a handle on crime, kicking ISIS to the curb, etc? :)

  15. Well, the way you state things make it easy to agree with virtually everything you say. But the new president and his cabinet-to-be and many lawmakers--both federal and in the statehouses-- are threatening to deny some of the liberties you mention, and others you haven't mentioned. Some of it will happen, some won't, but let's not give up all our rights without a fight.