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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

College Boy

College Boy
The college boy is visiting during his winter break.  He stopped by on Christmas and is here until…I don’t know.  Yes, I asked, but he mumbles a lot.  He has to be back by the 31st so the visit is capped at least.  I suspect he will be commanded to go back to mom in Massachusetts before then.

I enjoy his visits, but we don’t see him very much.  His schedule is pretty much visit his friends in the evening, come home by 12:30 am, watch TV with us until 2:00 am then go to bed.  He wakes up the next day around 2:00 pm or 3:00…3:30 is his record, eats and then visits his friends.
It’s fine, I remember the age.  I missed many a dinner in college because I got in late and slept through breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The one thing that annoys me is Mrs. C.  The step-mom caters to his every wish, and he uses it.
“I’m a little hungry (at 12:45 am) do we have any buffalo wings.”
“Sure, in the freezer.”
“How do I cook them, can I put them in the microwave for 20 minutes with the foil?”
“You stay here, I’ll go make them.”
“Can you tell me how to use the washing machine?”
“Never mind, just leave your dirty stuff in the hall, I’ll take care of it.”
Spencer goes through Gatorade by the 8 pack.  No problem, Mrs. C goes right out and gets more.
Empty bottles and snack wrappers all over the house?  No problem, Mrs. C picks them up.
Mrs. C will not make breakfast for me, she will not always do the wash, she certianly will not pick  up after me.  I clean the bathrooms; Spencer will not even rinse toothpaste out of his sink.  No problem.
OK, so she spoils him, I’m pretty sure, based on my time with his mom, he is not spoiled at home.  He probably has to deal with a screaming banshee from time to time, so when he visits here we cut him some slack…besides he is fun, a good kid, and we don’t get to see him that much.  There is one area though where I do draw the line.
My Little Bite Crumb Cakes.
I love my Little Bite Crumb Cakes with coffee after dinner.  I haven’t had them for a while because of all the holiday goodies, but I know we have two full boxes of them in the cupboard.  Tonight I wanted a packet of my Little Bite Crumb Cakes. 
I went into the cupboard and grabbed a brand-new box…IT WAS EMPTY…SPENCER!!  (Think “Newman!!” Seinfeld fans.)
He not only ate a box of my Little Bite Crumb Cakes but he left the empty box in the cupboard!
OK, we have another box.  I grabbed that box…ONLY THREE PACKS LEFT…SPENCER!!
I cannot accept this behavior.  Everything else I can let slide, but not my Little Bite Crumb Cakes.  It was time to take charge of the situation and put my foot down.
I hid the final packs of Little Bite Crumb Cakes in the cupboard, behind the Fruitloops, and under a towel.
Mrs. C has taught me a thing or two.


  1. Hahahahaha! That's hilarious. Moms have been hiding foods from their kids for ions. You can learn a lot from Mrs. C. :) - Enjoy your visiting. It goes by so fast.

  2. I think its so cute how Mrs. Cranky caters to your son :) Must make you a bit jealous :) I totally support your efforts to hide your snacks. I have a few things hidden here myself. Enjoy the visit!


  3. You lucky dog! My boys weren't even home long enough to make me mad! Their college starts again on the 17th, but one is on a west coast trip, and the other HAD to get back to his dorm. Because he likes laying around on the lobby couch more than on OUR couch. Plus he said he has to schedule a meeting with a professor he's going to be a lab assistant for.

    Maybe I just needed to stock up on Little Bite Crumb Cakes...

  4. Wow! That's a really long break! I take my son back this weekend. We don't eat the same snacks, so I'm good!

  5. Heeheehee! Spoiling is something you can do with someone who doesn't live there, you all know the regular behavior is going to have to start back when the visit is over.

    Buy more cakes and put the boxes under your side of the bed. He won't look there.

  6. SD caught me out with the empty Jaffa Cake box trick - he never eats them so I thought it was safe to leave it (and pretend I hadn't stuffed my face) for a few more days. I sense the spoiling by Mrs C doesn't really bother you that much, well, far less than the empty crumb cake packet anyway.

  7. When my kids were teenagers I hid my snacks in my underwear drawer. Fortunately I was not raising little perverts. I cannot say the same for a housemate or two that I have had over the years.

  8. Is that Spencer's bedroom, for real? I only mention it because I house a 15 year old with an identical room.

  9. Funny post! How well I know the setting! Oh, but, girls can be just about as bad - and it isn't just about the snacks.

  10. I've a feeling that all Spencer has to do is ask mom and he'll have those hidden treats. Yep, you'll be glad when he's gone.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  11. This brings back memories of when our boy returned from college and thought we were running a hotel for his benefit.

  12. So true. (BTW, I note we both wrote about college kids today.)

  13. Desperate times call for desperate measures!!

  14. This does sound a bit familiar. Be aware that this too shall pass.

  15. Hide those cakes. An exploding dye pack might be an idea. At least he gave you a delightful post.

  16. I don't get why Mrs C is indulging this behaviour. I remember the day one of my kids asked how the washing machine worked, she was just curious, but I walked her through each step as she did a load of washing, then shocked her when I said "now you now how, you do your own laundry each week" ditto with cooking, once she could do a basic meal, dinner was her job one night a week. Too harsh for a 12 year old? I don't think so and all of them knew how to do these things long before they needed to fend for themselves.

  17. He'll find them you know. Best bet...when you know he's coming, buy extra.

  18. Funny. Sounds like when my adult kids boomeranged back home - it wasn't funny. It was a nightmare that lasted a couple of years.

  19. Oh, my. One does NOT empty out a box and then leave the empty box back in the cupboard. That boy ain't right, Joe. Of course, I'm no one to pass judgment on anybody, what with my numerous faults, so forget I said that. However, if he took my fruitcake, ate it, and left the empty tin behind, I'd have to dispose of a body.


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