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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

More on the New TV

More on the New TV

When last we left off with my new TV

Remember how you used to hook up a television? 
1.    You attach the stripped wires from the roof antennae to two screws in the back of the set.
2.    Plug in the TV
3.    Push the on button
4.    Fiddle with focus, contrast, and brightness button.
5.    Screw around with the horizontal and vertical
6.    Hit the top of the set with open palm to stop horizontal and vertical flicking
7.    Watch TV
It took about 3 minutes.  Our new smart TV was a little different.
1.    Hook cable from cable box to TV
2.    Plug red, green, and white plugs from DVD out to TV in.
3.    Turn on TV and watch it automatically recognize all the inputs and synch up to them.
4.    Turn on cable box TV works!
5.    Test DVD…color not available
6.    Scratch head and reread directions several times.
7.    Unhook red, green, and white plugs and plug in again.
8.    Test DVD…color not available.
9.    Repeat step 6
10.                       Wife suggests using HDML connector instead of red, green, and white plugs.
11.                       Make fun of wife for stupid idea that makes no sense.
12.                       Do wife’s suggestion anyway.
13.                       Apologize to wife.
14.                       Follow directions for setting cable remote to work as a universal remote using the code number for your brand TV set.  Samsung has 15 possible codes.
15.                       Twelfth code works, you are done and ready to enjoy TV with a universal remote.
This took less than an hour and forty-five minutes.
Now we checked out what the smart part of smart TV could do.
We connected to Wi-Fi and played with it for twenty minutes and decided that unless we get Netflix or some similar service we don’t really need the smart part of smart TV, but still we agreed it is pretty cool.
We watched a football game and the new size and picture was great except sometimes it seemed to me the contrast dimmed, but no, it was ok, just my imagination.  Later that night we turned off the lights while we watched.  The TV slowly dimmed.  It was watchable, but strained the eyes.  I thought it was just my imagination like during the football game, but no, it was definitely too dim.
Mrs. C figured out how to adjust the settings and increased the brightness.  It was perfect again, but slowly started to fade.  I was getting irritated. 
“Why would they let you adjust the setting and then ignore your adjusted setting?”
“We’ll figure it out in the morning.”
In the morning, Mrs. C found a button that said “Auto bright adj.” set to yes.  She set it to off and the picture remained at a correct brightness regardless of the light in the room.  Apparently some genius decided that the average person would want the screen to dim when the light was low to save electricity.  We decided to pay the extra $2.17 a year to have a picture we could watch comfortably.
It took a while, a few curses, and a headache or two, but we are finally enjoying the new TV. 
I don’t want to have to set up a new TV again.


  1. It is for your last line that I don't want to upgrade my cell phone. I really don't want to get used to a new one, I barely know how to work the one I've had for the past 3 years. Enjoy the new TV, now that it is up and running!


  2. This is precisely why I delay changing my TV. I would get in such a mess you would hear my screams in the States. Congratulations, though, on achieving such a formidable task.

  3. We changed our TV before Christmas. I went out, left SD to it, came home, TV set up. Wasn't any trouble at all ;-)

  4. My Samsung is an earlier model, not smart and I worried that I couldn't work out how to tune in the channels and hook up the DVD player, so I called in my K. She glanced at the instruction book, tossed it aside and plugged it in, then sat back as it automatically scanned and tuned in all available channels, then hooked up the DVD player and I was set. She even set it so I could access TV through the DVD player so only had one remote to bother with. Easiest pizza she ever earned she said.

  5. The fun really starts when you add a sound system to the mix.

  6. It's all i can do to figure out a computer, much less a TV.

  7. Nothing is simple anymore is it. Remember when the picture was fuzzy and all you did was adjust the `rabbit ears`?

  8. Loved step 13. That adjusting light seems weird and one of those things that they thought we would want that makes little sense but they throw it in just because they can.
    The old TV's were simple but a monster to lift. I needed a wheel barrow to get my old one out of the house. Kind of like these wafer thin models.

  9. We have the big curved Samsung and we let the geek squad set it up. It's still working just fine. I'm glad you like your new television.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  10. When we purchased our last TV our son told us it was a "smart" TV and he proceeded to show us all the things it could do, like connecting to our computers. So far all we do is watch TV.

  11. When the TV darkened the first night I said something. Of course, I was crazy. I went to bed and he watched a dark TV in the dark.

  12. Fortunately, for us, we have sons the right age who do the setting up and explaining for us. The last TV one son bought for us last summer while we were away and he was living in the house -- didn't like our antiquated set!

    1. Like you, Broad, we NEVER have any problem with new electronics; our son Blake sets them all up for us (& does adjustments when necessary)!!

  13. I liked it better when I did not have to compete with all the smart appliances. Frankly they mostly make me feel stupid and I don't even really use most of the added features.

  14. I know exactly what you meant in that last sentence.

  15. I liked #13 too. At least you apologized.

  16. Less than an hour and 45 minutes? You made pretty good time!

  17. Hahahaha. Omg. This is so me. My advice is to find a young person and have them do it. I leave all this stuff to my kids and everything gets set up in no time. We have that same dimmer thing on ours too. So annoying. We too took it off auto. *Now* enjoy your new t.v. :) And cross your fingers that the power doesn't go out and reset everything...

  18. Sometimes smart tv's are pretty stupid. At least they can make you feel that way. I just need HDMI and Netflix and I'm good.