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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Che Che, Che Che Che

Che Che Che Che Che
Che che che che che…I think that’s how to spell that sound.  You know the one I mean, don’t you?  I know husbands know the sound.

Che che che che che is the shushing sound you get when your wife asks you a question and as you answer, the commercial ends and “Say Yes to the Dress” comes back on.
Che che che che che is not a finger to the lips polite shush, it is a POWER shush.
Che che che che che is the sound you get when you are at a party and you start to talk politics.
Che che che che che is the sound you hear from every woman at a Super Bowl party when you try and discuss the game and the commercials start.

Sometimes, like when your wife is on the phone and you absolutely have to ask for where something is in the frig, you get a silent Che che che che che, which is hand up and an angry shushy face with no sound.
Che che che che che is usually made with an outstretched shaky hand in your face.
Che che che che che will be repeated if you continue to talk and a full reprimand will follow later.
Men do not do the Che che che che che.  Men only receive the Che che che che che.
A man’s equivalent is “Dude!” They will only do that to another dude.  Shushing or “Dude!” is never directed to a woman.  This is not out of politeness or being a gentleman, it is because shushing never works on a woman.  A woman cannot be shushed, she only shushes.
If a man Che che che che che’s his wife she will only ask why.
“Che che che che che”
“The game’s back on, it’s fourth down.  The game is on the line.”
“So watch!  You don’t need to hear what happens…don’t ever Che che che che che me.”
“Che che che che che”
I forgot that one, Che che che che che also means “end of discussion.”
Why can women use the Che che che che che and men can’t?
I don’t know.  I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.


  1. I've never che che'd in my life. but there have been many instances of a raised finger or hand and several utterings of Uh Uh! as in don't touch that, say that, shut the hell up right now!
    Most recently I've trained my cat with a raised hand (stop sign style) and a sharp uh uh, when he hears this he changes his mind about leaping up onto the table.

  2. I'm sitting here practicing the sound and wishing I had learned long ago. The cat seemed interested though.

  3. Oh, shush! I have NO idea what you are talking about.

  4. The hubs is quite deaf, che che che wouldn't work on him because he wouldn't hear it. The hand comes into play, and sometimes I holler "shut up" when I'm really desperate.

  5. Hmm, I can't even pronounce Che, I'm sure I don't use it. Not worth doing.

  6. When he is reckless enough to interrupt me at an inopportune time, I just BLAST the volume and he scampers away in abject fear. Well trained, he is!

  7. Funny you should mention that. I che che che'd just last evening, when Hick tromped into the kitchen while I was getting supper ready, trying to hear the end of Final Jeopardy on the living room TV. Everything was good until he clomped in, leaving mud from his work boots (noise enough) and blathering about how cold it was.


    By the time he shut up, I'd missed the second contestant's answer, which was right. Alex does not repeat the right answer after somebody gets it. I'll never know what the biblical translation of "pneuma hagion" is!

  8. I've not done this either. I probably got the wrong playbook when I was born. That could be.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  9. I don't recall my Mrs. C. using this on mt; instead she uses the old "stink eye."

  10. che che che? Must be a east-coast thing

  11. Goodness, I have never che che che'd a fellow. Who knew there was such a weapon? Kicking shins under the table was all I had and with out a table, I was powerless. Hum.

  12. Sweetie doesn't shush easily. In fact, if you are desperate to hear something, like the noise the engine started making, and you shush him, he starts talking more, asking why in the world he should need to be quiet.

  13. My wife will give me the "don't you CHE me!" in about a nanosecond, but I am allowed to just smile and nod occasionally instead of listening to her, so I guess it's a good trade off. ;)

  14. You are an excellent observer of human communication!

  15. The eyes are the silent che at my house. If I continue on my current path, the shit will hit the fan.

  16. I laughed and laughed so much at this. This sound may also be accompanied by the motion of a zipped lip but I really wouldn't know...

  17. Hi Joeh,

    I think I know what you mean - but I break the rules and che che che che che Mrs PM constantly.

    This is why I have permanent bruises.




  18. In my defense, I have to do the che che che che che because Ray will never fail to start telling me what to say to whomever I may be on the phone with. It's annoying as hell.