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Monday, January 9, 2017

A New TV

A New TV
We bought a TV this week.  We have needed a new one for a while.   Not so much needed as wanted.  We watch a lot of TV from bed and the bedroom TV is kind of small.
Small…Ha…it has a 32-inch screen.  I remember when a 21-inch screen was as big as you could get.  I bought a 21-inch color TV in 1971.  It weighed about 2000 pounds and cost $450.  It got great reception on all of five stations.
Still, 32 inch is small when you have 70-year-old eyes.  The biggest TV we could fit in our cabinet (old people use cabinets, we don’t trust wall hangers) is 40-inches.  We bought a 40-inch “smart” TV for $375, less than that old TV cost in 1971.  It weighs about 20 pounds, also less than the one from 1971. 
Not sure what to do with a “smart” TV.  
We could use it to watch the final episodes of the last season of “Orange is the New Black.”  We might borrow my son’s password to get Netflix.  Before you accuse me of stealing, we bought the complete DVD set for the last season and the final disc is defective…I’m pretty sure Netflix makes money on those DVD’s.
We picked up the TV Friday night.
I am excited to use my new toy, and I want to finish the “OITNB” season while the plot is still fresh in my mind.  I figured we would set it up this weekend.
I figured wrong.
“We aren’t going to set it up until I clean up the cabinet, straighten out and vacuum the floor, and I won’t have that done until next Friday because were going out to dinner tonight and to a party tomorrow afternoon.”
“Friday!  Do you have to wash the windows and wax the car too?”
“I don’t want to start out the new TV in a sloppy room and I’m going to busy until Friday!”
I almost started to stammer a “But, but, but.”  I stopped myself, I felt a “You’re a Jerk” coming if I expressed my true feelings.  Instead I resorted to a hurt puppy dog face.  Oh yes, cranky can play the pity card.
“OK, maybe Tuesday, I’m off work on Tuesday.”
If that didn’t work I was going to threaten to set it up myself.
I suppose I will have to vacuum.
This just in, because of a snow storm, dinner out was cancelled and there was football on the new TV Saturday night!  Unfortunately I wasted a pity card…only get a few of those a month.


  1. I'm not even sure what a smart TV is; I'm still trying to figure out the remote here myself. Enjoy it though!!!


    1. There's no way the TV will be smarter than Joe!!

  2. I use my pity cards wisely - Last weekend I helped SD prune the apple tree and put up a new garden gate - this weekend I'm expecting BIG things in return!

  3. Whenever you get your new toy up and running -- enjoy! Two of our three tvs are 'smart' tvs -- and one of them is smarter than the other!

  4. I'm having a quiet giggle over a 32 inch TV being small. Mine is a 26 inch and perfectly adequate, better if I put my glasses on. I'd love something twice that size, but don't have the room for it.
    About your new TV, if it was me, I'd have it up and running the same day I got it delivered. (or brought it home) I'd have the cabinet cleaned before it arrived, before I even went shopping and then do any other cleaning later. I just love getting new stuff sorted and running.
    I like the idea of new things in a clean room, but I'm just not that fussy.

  5. Those "pity cards" are worth their weight in gold, although my wife hasn't let me play mine in years.

  6. Congratulations on the new TV! Hope the "smart" part works out well, i always feel dumb around such things.

  7. Pity cards don't work on me. I'm glad they still work for you.

    We took our television out of our bedroom. It was the best thing we ever did. That's a whole different post.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  8. I've seen smart TV's. Fortunately I don't need a new TV yet, when I won't be smart enough to watch TV at all.

  9. We just finished The Sopranos series. Ending threw us. Anyway, random comment but I know you like comments and it's related to television viewing. We need a new series. Will try the orange one.

  10. I've seen those old TVs. They are a piece of furniture, basically. Stained wood, looking like it would take four people to move them.

    Even the old computer monitors were enormous!

    Enjoy the new TV!

  11. Our bedroom TV lost its picture on Christmas night. A 3 year old LG LED TV. I was not happy. However, we did upgrade from 31 to 39 inches with the new one. Then I realized we don't get HD (or whatever with the full screen channels) in the bedroom. It's just too many acronyms for me these days.

  12. Enjoy your new TV. I intensely dislike setting up anything that plugs into the wall because reading the instructions is such a drag. I usually just don't read and try to muddle my way through and end up in a mess.

  13. The hubs used up all his pity cards years ago...such a drama queen. So....what makes the TV so smart?

  14. Your hurt puppy face must be a lethal weapon. No blood shed nor "jerks" thrown about? Well done.

  15. You need to have it hooked up to the internet, don't you to get all the 'smart' features?

  16. We purchased our first Smart TV, a few months ago. It is only "smart" if the user knows what he/she is doing. That's all I'm going to say.

  17. I have my big 41" TV in the bedroom as we watch a lot of movies at night. I love it. Our living room is twice the size of the bedroom and we have a 27" in there. I can't even read the menu. Perhaps I need a new TV?

  18. We bought a smart tv last year and hooked it up via Ethernet. We get free movies from Amazon Prime and we had netflix for a while but we don't watch enough tv to justify the monthly cost.
    Enjoy the new tube.

  19. New stuff is SO hard to figure out! Unless you're a young whippersnapper.

  20. Like that ..... I wasted a pity card :-)

  21. My husband is shopping for a new TV right now (I told him TVs go on sale around Super Bowl time). Our current one in the living room is 47" and will probably be replaced with a larger one.

    If you sign up for Netflix, the first 30 days are free. You can always cancel after the 30 days.

  22. Omgosh. Makes you wonder how we got along with those 21" screens.. I'm happy you got to watch your new t.v. Is it as smart as you thought it would be? ;)


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