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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Oscars

The Oscars

They recently announced the nominees for this years Oscars.
I love movies.  We make really great movies in this country.  The actors in our movies are incredibly talented.  They create characters, they imitate real characters.  It is not easy to pretend to be someone else.  It is a real talent.  There’s much talent in the movie industry. The directors are talented, the writers are talented, the set designers, costume designers are all very talented.
For this talent, these people are paid and paid well, at least the really talented ones are.  They are paid more than you or I could even imagine.  They are paid more than CEO’s athletes, politicians, and lets fce it, as much as they moan about the long hours and the makeup and blah, blah blah; they love doing what they do.
I don’t begrudge these people their huge income, I envy them; I would love to be paid a lot for doing what I love to do.  What does annoy me, is all the awards.  It is not enough to be paid huge sums for doing what you love to do, these people also have to heap awards on themselves, and clap for themselves and expect the people who fund their huge salaries to also go all gaga over them and shower them with awards given away at award shows.
They collect their awards, thank the little people, act all humble, and with a large audience of fans gushing over their statue take the opportunity to spout their own politics and ideas, because they are so special and so smart, their ideas must be extra special.
·       I’d be fine with an award for best actor, and best movie.  Take a vote and then announce it on the six o’clock news like major sports do with their MVP awards.  But no; the industry has Golden Globe awards, People’s Choice Awards, the OSCARS, along with awards from:
·       American Film Institute (AFI) - Link
          Austin Film Critics Association (AFCA)
     Black Film Critics Circle (BFCC)
     Boston Society of Film Critics (BSFC) - Link
    Central Ohio Film Critics Association (COFCA)
   Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (GALECA) - Link
   Georgia Film Critics Association (GFCA)
   Golden Raspberry Awards (a.k.a. the Razzies)
   Indiana Film Journalists Association (IFJA)
   Iowa Film Critics (IFC)
   Las Vegas Film Critics Society (LVFCS) - Link
   Maverick Movie Awards (MMA) Link
   Murray Film Critics Circle Awards
   North Carolina Film Critics Association (NCFCA)
   North Texas Film Critics Association (NTFCA)
Each award show has awards for about forty categories.

Where are the award shows for our firefighters, our police officers, our teachers, our scientists, our doctors, our engineers, etc. etc. etc.?
“And this years “Sparky” for best firefighter in a supporting role during a three-story fire…for helping save the lives of two children, a grandmother, and a puppy…Sara Weintraub!” Clap, clap, clap.
I might even watch one of those award shows.


  1. A sound idea, Joeh. I'd also suggest an awards ceremony for......say, politicians.
    The one who stripped the most funding for social services: a kick in the balls.
    The one who denied the most children from getting into the country to be united with their parents: a kick in the balls.
    etc, etc.
    Silly, I know. But that's just me.
    It is weird how we award people, in some cases it seems right, let's say medicine (yes, yes i know, self serving and all that), developing a drug for resistant bacteria, a new surgery technique, etc.
    The guy who comes in the middle of the night to restore electricity after a storm, etc.

  2. I do not watch those award shows. I might watch those good people award shows, if anyone ever came up up with them.

  3. I'd like to thank all the little people I climbed on on my way to the top!!

  4. Same here - I never watch award shows. I enjoyed reading your post though.

  5. I agree the awards are vastly overdone, if vastly is the correct word. I never watch any awards shows.

  6. So this is why i don't care much who wins! There are some firefighters up the street i think are overdue for some attention and clapping.

  7. Lol, my husband says he same thing whenever there's an award show. He's always wondering why there aren't awards for what he does.

  8. OMG All those awards going on. No wonder I think they're silly.
    Not only silly........but borrrrrrrring.

  9. I don't watch the award shows, nor do I watch beauty pageants. I think your tongue in cheek idea of an award show for real people is a great one. We have something a little like it on our local news station where they weekly honour a 'local' hero. Always an uplifting part of the program.

  10. I never watch these shows. I don't care about these people. They pretend to be other people and get paid well. They are pretend people. Entertaining yes, but the pretend for a living. Most of them have issues. They are in and out of rehab. They are arrested, they are dopers. Not all, but many. They are above the law and act like it. I don't care what they think about politics. Not one bit. They are not where I get my information on issues.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  11. I agree. Where are the awards for the people who risk their lives. Also, why do actors feel they need to make a political speech at the awards. So annoying.

  12. Hollywood does go out of its way to pat itself on the back with all these awards. Mrs/ C. loves to watch them but I call the line at the Oscars and Emmy's

  13. I never watch them but when I read your list I saw an investment opportunity. What ever company makes those bleeping statues is a gold mine.

  14. I can't stand watching them any more. They're too over the top. Who cares about what they're wearing on the red carpet? Families are going hungry in America while they are flaunting the $$. You hit it right on the head. We should have awards for the working heroes in this country. Good post Joe

  15. yep, totally agree, and why are entertainers supposedly more politically informed than the rest of us? I mean really, just because you can act doesn't make you a political genius!

  16. I think it goes to the kids these days getting an award for . . . showing up.

  17. I think it would be more entertaining if politicians stopped in the middle of a speech to start ranting about actors and movie flops.

  18. Yesssss! I couldn't agree more. And I've always thought our policemen/women, fire fighters, EMTs, anybody in the protect and serve group should absolutely be paid more than actors AND professional sports figures. Drs. seem to do okay but they should bring up the nurses and the rest of the team.

  19. Actually, you know what bugs me the most? The idea that, because I saw ActorX in a movie once, I should give a Flying F**k about what s/he thinks about anything other than show-biz or acting. . .

  20. Boy I agree about where ARE the awards for our military, police and firefighters and everyday people who do extraordinary things.Talk about narcissism....I remember Marlon Brando always snubbed the academy.

  21. I like movies and I like TV, but I can't stand awards shows. I look online or watch the news the next day what got "best picture." These days, half the time I don't even recognize the best actors' names.