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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Murphy's Law

In the continuing series of Murphy’s Law corollaries:

Months ago I posted ten corollaries to Murphy’s Law.  

As I expected, many of my readers had some suggestions that had not crossed my mind.  

I posted a second list


The suggestions still come in, so here is TWTA VI:

You can follow a car with a flashing signal for 10 miles, but he will not change lanes until you finally decide to pass him.

Your wife will always ask you “When are you going to…?” two seconds before you are about to do it.

If you forget your wallet when driving to the corner store, you will be stopped for a faulty tail light.

Those Saturday morning religious proselytizers only ring the door bell when you are downstairs in your underwear and you are expecting a package.


How about when an appliance stops working or the car won't start and they magically start operating flawlessly while the technician or mechanic is checking them out. (Until he leaves, of course.)

Once had the power go out on Thanksgiving day when turkeys were in the ovens. The whole state was angry.  (That happened at my Mom’s once.  A squirrel chewed on the line Thanksgiving morning!)

"The floor is always perfectly level...except under the table leg."

Pixel Peeper
"You never, ever finish the shampoo and conditioner at the same time."

When you think you have satisfied your husband's hoarder instincts by hauling home 45-year-old junk from your mother's find out he has stopped along the road and picked up two old chairs and a washtub.

You plan an event for outside because the weatherman says 0% chance of rain and it starts to rain the minute your event starts.

And finally, from an actual Murphy:

My maiden name is Murphy. I've had "Murphy's Law" - type luck my entire life. I thought once I got married and changed my last name that things would get better, but nope. Once a Murphy, always a Murphy.


  1. The day you over-sleep, get the kids into the car and rush them to school while you are bare-footed and still in your too-short night gown with no bra and underwear on .... is the day you are pulled over by the police for speeding, asked to get out of the car, then hand-cuffed and taken away to the police station for all the warrants that are out for your arrest. Yeah, I hate when that happens. Damn Murphy's Law! (okay, so that never happened to me. But I swear it's a nightmare that I have. Murphy's Law even haunts me in my sleep.)

  2. Light bulbs (globes) always blow out after dark on a Sunday when shops aren't open to buy a new one. This is why I now keep a dozen spares in the porch cupboard.

  3. You drive for nearly an hour to see a temporary art installation only to realise after spending another hour looking for a parking space that you've forgotten your wallet. You debate what to do for a further 20 minutes - decide to drive home and get your wallet - arrive back nearly 2 hours later, find a parking space (eventually) - queue for another hour to get in only to be told that there are no walk in's on that particular day despite the fact that it's advertised as pre-booked tickets only being a percentage of the ticket sales, the rest being reserved for walk in's - obviously this happened to a 'friend' ...

  4. Those drivers with their signals eternally on...
    I get in front and signal left, then right, then left, then right, until they get the picture.

  5. Ha, ha, probably the quickest way to get rid of the proselytizers would be to open the door, as is.

  6. I love these posts. Makes my life seem like a walk in the park. I'm just saying.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  7. You think of the most clever comment ever made & then you discover someone has already put it just above where yours will go!!

  8. I wondered for years why smoke detectors always go off at 2 a.m. waking everyone in the house (and, for what I know, blocks around). Recently, after a couple of nights of such happenings I went to The Google and learned it was due to temperature or humidity in the house. I can't remember which.

  9. Poor Katrina!! You would think the luck would have changed when she got married :) All great Murphys and all so true.


  10. Other people always think their houses or offices take less time to clean than they actually do, and they want you to stick to the price even though they added yet another hour with extras they never told you they wanted done.

  11. I guess I am pretty good with dealing with Murphy's law. I blame it on traffic and bad manufacturing if somebody gives a fender bender or if I break something in the house.

  12. I always look forward to these TWTA posts!