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Thursday, September 10, 2015



In a recent post I complained about a detour which forced me 18 miles out of my way when I was only 200 yards from my destination.  The road repair was a five by ten section that traffic could easily have been routed around. 

Arkansas Patti, @ , made a comment that reminded me of my mom.  No, Arkansas Patti, @ , does not remind me of my mom, it was her comment.  

“As big a hole that was in that road, they probably couldn't let traffic pass since the rest of the road might not be stable.”

My mom used to do that.  No matter what I complained about, she responded with a “Maybe.”

“How was school today?”

“Horrible, Mr. Frank yelled at everybody, he is such a jerk.”

“Maybe he was just having a bad day.”

“How was your job today?”

“Horrible, the customer is an idiot, he keeps changing where he wants the sprinkler heads.”

“Maybe he wants to move his plants and change his lawn.”

“Are you going to the dance?”

“No, that jerk Mary Lou says she has to wash her hair that night…she is such a liar.”

“Well, maybe she has a scalp issue and does have to wash her hair.”

I hate the “Maybe’s” they just take the pleasure out of blowing off steam. 

I just wanted to yell, “NO, Mr. Frank was not just having a bad day, he is ALWAYS a jerk!” 

“NO, the customer is not changing anything but his mind, because he is an idiot!”

“NO, Mary Lou does not have a scalp problem, she just doesn’t like me and makes up bull ding excuses all the time!”

“Well maybe you should stop asking her out.”

OK, she did make a good point now and then.

Oh yeah, Arkansas Patti, @,  “NO, the road was not unstable, it was just fine…the road crew was just a bunch of idiots!”

 But thanks for your comment; I like to be reminded of my mom.


  1. Or MAYBE they thought you were a lawyer and would sue them at the first sign of a filling-jaring bump.'re right. They were just a bunch of jerks on a power trip. :)

  2. Or maybe they didn't let folks go anywhere near that huge hole in the road because the drivers are too stupid to do it right and some idiot would drive into the hole. Maybe.

    Have a fabulous day Joe. My best to Mrs. Cranky. ☺

  3. It is always good to be reminded of our moms :)


  4. Or maybe your mom was just a positive wonderful person and didn't like
    to say anything negative. You were one lucky boy, but you knew that all
    along. :)

  5. Hah! I do the "maybe" thing, too. I didn't realize how unhelpful it is :)

  6. LOL......I would probably unfriend someone who did the maybes to me! Glad my mom was as negative as me!

  7. Maybe--just for the sake of argument--you ARE a jerk!!

  8. Ha ha, you are so right. I am a walking "maybe". Thanks for not unfriending me. You are such a good boy:))

  9. I hate it when I need to blow off steam and I'm reminded to be nice. Sometimes I just don't feel nice!

  10. I used to work with an old guy who, when he disagreed with something you said, would respond "Bruce, you MAY be right."

  11. I feel like your Mom now...I always excuse people's behavior with similar sayings. Someone at work once called me the "most non-confrontational" person she knew. Heh.

  12. I am sorry that you feel this way.
    " May be " has saved a lot of fights from taking place.

  13. I guess I need to think more about the "maybes" too, since I'm usually the one blowing off steam about people.

  14. Maybe the road crew was having a bad day because their scalp condition acted up while they were changing the location of their sprinkler heads...

  15. Maybe I should keep my thoughts to myself, 'cause I hate that word being offered instead of instant agreement with the thing that's bothering me.