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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fine Print

Fine Print
Definition – Shit people don’t want you to know and don’t want to be held responsible for.


Shit that allows lawyers to charge $400 an hour.

Two weeks ago Mrs. C ordered a water filter for our refrigerator.  We have not received any filters.  The check for the filters was cashed in two days.

Mrs. C called to find what was holding up the delivery.   Someone from Michigan answered.

“The shipment should be going out in a day or two; shipment can take three to four weeks.”

“But you cashed the check in two days.”

Mrs. C was disconnected.  Mrs. C called back. Someone from Tennessee answered.

“I’m trying to find out when my filters will be delivered.”

“They should go out in a day or two; shipment can take from three to four weeks.”

“Even though the check is cashed immediately?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Well I wish I knew that, I would have bought one at the store.”  (These filters are not cheap BTW.)

“It is stated on the order form that delivery may take three to four weeks, didn’t you read the form?”

“Where, on the back in tiny print?” Mrs. C asked sarcastically.


I guess we will have to just buy bottled water for a while.

Personally I think they just wait till you call and complain and then they put the order through.

I hate that fine print shit!


  1. Certainly would have been faster to buy one at the store.

  2. I think it's common practice here to deliver when paid. I once queried it and was told 'you don't expect to take something from a store without paying'. I've held my tongue ever since.

  3. I was trying to read the small print on the back of some medication the other day until Miss Mac pointed out that it was in fact a pattern on the box ...

  4. Yes, you pay $7.99 for shipping and then they send it media mail rate and pocket the difference.

  5. I never get that either; 2 days to cash the check, 3-4 weeks to get the item ordered. Do they send it Pony Express?? At least Mrs. Cranky talked to someone in Michigan and Tennessee and not a different country like India.


  6. With all the options people have these days to buy things, you'd think companies would get their crap together and ship in a timely fashion.
    I'm like y'all, that would drive me batty.

  7. It's a pain, but always read the fine print if you can. The times i have it has saved me some headaches.

  8. I'm personally in favor of killing anyone who cashes a check and doesn't ship goods on the same day.

  9. In some circle customer service is a thing of the past. Sounds like you found that out here.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  10. I seldom replace these filters, but when I do I get them at the hardware store. Interesting how quickly they cashed your check.

  11. That could be true "they just wait till you call and complain and then they put the order through"
    Doing anything on line can be very tricky now a days.

  12. That gives on line buying a bad name. I really do need a magnifying glass to read the stuff they want to hide. Sure is tiny print.

  13. Sounds like it's time to call the Haggler.

  14. Dang! Even if it shipped from THE MOON, it should be there faster than that.

  15. Our firm charges over $400.00 an hour. But where are these shipping from that it's taking this long?