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Tuesday, September 8, 2015



I saw a YouTube clip today where a python was fighting with a cobra on a street in India.  The python was wrapped around the cobra, but the cobra got in a bite.  They were pulled apart, and the cobra went to a zoo and the python was released in the wild where it’s survival after a cobra bite was seriously in question.

This clip reminded of an old TV show "Animal Face-Off" on Animal Planet which fictitiously pitted two animals against each other and speculated on which animal would survive.  I think in real life, often both animals lose.  In the case of the snakes, if not pulled apart, the python would probably have choked the cobra to death and then later also died from the poison.

Survival in real life is tough.  It is why predators look for easy prey.  They look for the sick, the slow or the newly born.  The strongest lion can be brought down by infection from the smallest scratch inflicted in taking down dinner.


As a result of this show, my youngest son who was about eight would constantly ask, “Who would win?”

“Who would win a crocodile or a bear?”

“Who would win an eagle or a raccoon?”

Who would win a great white shark or an electric eel?”

Then we would argue for one animal or the other.  Usually it came down to venue.

“If the crocodile was stranded in the forest, the bear would easily kill it.  If they met up when the bear was crossing a river the bear would be toast.” 

“If the eagle surprised the raccoon out in the open it would probably win.  If the raccoon got a good shot in to the eagle’s wing, the raccoon would kill the grounded bird.” 

The shark and the eel?  “Would the shark bite cut the eels circuit?  If not they would probably both die.”

I was planning to make a point with this post, skillfully applying it to politics, or economics, or sports and making some great intellectual statement, but…I got nothing.

I do miss that “Who would win” game with my eight year old who is now seventeen.


  1. I saw a video the other day of a python that had eaten a fully grown porcupine - initially it seemed like the python had won and apparently they can digest something that big without any trouble but it was so bloated that it fell of a rock and died from internal injuries inflicted by the porcupines spines - there is probably an equally great point to be made from that one too ...

  2. Why are we fighting? Some people are losing more than can be born.

  3. That sounds like a fun game! I know what you mean--my stepdaughter is almost 16 and sometimes I miss the fun games we used to play.

  4. When I was a tyke at St. Francis elementary in the early '50's we had what I've come to call 'catholic questions'....once a month a priest would come and talk to the class and take questions. A catholic question was something along the line of: "Father, if you were trapped in Russia, and the commies were going to capture you, and you were on a bridge with the river far below, and you'd die if you jumped, would it be suicide to jump instead of being captured by the commies?" The priest would ponder and give some long winded answer.

    1. At St. Peter and Paul's elementary I sat there waiting for the commies to burst in with their rifles, demanding to know who among us would die for their faith. I was ready to proudly raise my hand! Interesting the coast-to-coast dilemma "commies" posed for 3rd graders back in that day!

  5. I love this game. A lot of thought would go into this game. You may not have the right answer, but it's a thought provoking game.

    Have a fabulous day Joe. ☺

  6. I think you made a point here. Sometimes we miss the things we used to do with our kids when they were younger. This sounded fun to play!


  7. Think you are right on the out come of the snake fight if left alone. A lose/lose situation.
    We never did animals, just characters like Popeye vs the Joker.

  8. When I fill out my Final Four brackets, I usually choose by trying to decide which mascot could take down the other. I'm not exactly a sports fan.

  9. It sounds like you had fun with this game! You are probably right, though, neither animal really wins in the end if they both get hurt badly enough.

  10. This has some resemblance, in spirit, to Scott's (Low and Slow) post today.

  11. I never played the "Who Would Win Game" with our son when he was small. but we did play the "What If Game." Such as, What if we found a treasure chest filled with gold?

  12. A fishducky vs. a human (in a war of words)--the fishducky always wins!!

  13. Sounds like a fun game to play on long, boring car trips! My youngest son and I just counted (cars, cows, signs, etc.)...I take all credit for him turning out to be a math genius. Heh.

  14. A spider wasp or a spider?

    The spider wasp wins, drags that paralyzed spider to its burrow, lays a single egg in it, and the wasp larvae eats the spider from the inside out.