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Sunday, September 20, 2015



It’s time again for
And yet the FDA will not approve it!

This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments.   One of these is fake, but then I tell you so no guessing, there is no contest

Donald Trump in deal to sell Miss Universe – I didn’t think that was legal in this country…does she come with any guarantees?

IRS no longer accepting $100 million checks – That’s fine, I’ve decided to stop sending them anyway.

Emails that were thought missing show Hilary is sending out that Nigerian Prince spam – Oh, of course that’s fake…or is it?

Woman faces deportation after she's arrested during routine visit to her gynecologist – Is her name Katlyn?

Gunfire breaks out in Burkina Faso capital amid coup fears – OK, I have to admit I have no idea where this is.  Does anyone know the name of the capitol of Burkina Faso?  Would you believe OUAGADOUGOU? Trump better memorize this, he will probably be asked on the next debate.

New Jersey casino can regulate cocktail waitresses' weight, panel rules – How much for them to regulate my weight down about 20 pounds?

World Chess President Claims He Was Abducted By Space Aliens -- And They Invented Chess – That is just crazy!  Everyone knows chess was invented by AL Gore.

Monty Python Star Terry Gilliam Says He's Not Dead – Who are we supposed to believe, the actor or the internet?

Hundreds of Bunnies Plague Washington Town – It’s that friggin Hefner, they follow him everywhere.

Man arrested after allegedly sniffing feet at Florida International library – Man used the Constanza plea, “Is that wrong? Should I not have done that? If I knew that was wrong I wouldn’t have done that.”

Medieval skeleton discovered in tree suffered violent death, experts say – The experts don’t really know, they just assume that being eaten by a tree would be violent.

That shooting star may actually be astronaut poop – Maybe they should not spike the Tang with hot sauce.

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  1. New Jersey Casinois fake...isn't that illegal?

  2. Good thing you told us. I'd have guessed several.

  3. I linked you to Silly Sunday. Like always.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  4. I don't believe this one: Gunfire breaks out in Burkina Faso capital amid coup fears – Nobody there fears a chicken coup. That's silly.

  5. I think they're all true. Only because I'm too lazy to do some research.

    The best part of these headlines is your comments, Joe!

  6. I think it's "Emails that were thought missing show Hilary is sending out that Nigerian Prince spam" but I can't be sure because I always mark hilary's emails as spam!! Where is the answer to last week's headlines?

  7. You can lead your commenters to instructions, but you can't make them read!

    1. Not sure where he says with finality that one is fake ... so game on, IMO :)

  8. I read several of these so I know some are true. All of them? The one about astronaut poop can't be true. C'mon Joe, say it ain't so!

  9. Well...I knew the one about the foot smelling Floridian was true. Because if a stupid headline is from Florida - no matter how stupid it is - it's always true!

  10. "That shooting star may actually be astronaut poop"

    I always knew that freeze dried chili was going to come back and bite that bunch of over achievers!

  11. Joeh, long time no see. A to Z probably. Oh how I love stupid headlines. Amazing they are in newspapers, magazines. and CNN and Fox and such.