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Monday, September 7, 2015

Lazy, For Lack of a Better Word, is Good! - a cranky re-run

Lazy, For Lack of a Better Word, is Good!
This cranky re-run is from September 2014
For Labor Day

A fellow blogger, Arkansas Patti, recently admitted in a comment to being lazy.  She was unapologetic about being lazy; in fact she felt the world needs more lazy people.  I have admitted many times to myself being a lazy person.  In the past I have been ashamed of being lazy.  Arkansas Patti has made me reevaluate that position.

Lazy people do not start wars.  If more world leaders were lazy we would have no wars.  Throughout history, those damn energetic people who want to do stuff and control things have started wars and created havoc. 

A lazy Adolph Hitler for instance would still have hated Jews, but he would have been too lazy to act on his hate.  

If Christians of medieval times were lazier, there would have never been The Crusades.  They would have just left a few flyers on Muslim doors, “Hey, give Christ a try…or not.”

Energetic people don’t invent things, lazy people do.  Energetic people move heavy stuff by pushing like hell.  A lazy person invented the wheel; he was too lazy to push like hell. 

Energetic people were perfectly happy to travel many miles to deliver a message.  Alexander Bell, that lazy bastard, invented the telephone to save time and energy.

I am proud to be lazy.  I am easy to please.  I don’t need much, just food and sleep.  I don’t cause trouble, I don’t speed on the highway, I don’t make a lot of noise, I don’t complain.  All that stuff requires effort.  I don’t put much effort into anything.  I’m lazy.

If everyone was lazy, we would all do only what was required to survive. Plant some food, build a shack, eat, sleep, and procreate.  There would be no reason to accumulate stuff, no need to keep up with the Joneses, hell, the Joneses are lazy too.

Gordon Gecko in the movie "Wall Street" said "Greed, for lack of a better word, is good."  Gordon Gecko was wrong.  Greed is bad.  Greed takes energy and work and causes subversive behavior.

Lazy, for lack of a better word, is good.


  1. Greed is good. It creates and builds. Okay, I'm not lazy. I'm relaxed. There is a difference.

    Have a fabulous day. Happy Labor Day! ☺

  2. I have to show this to my husband; at 70, he still goes like 25. But I'm tired. And I'm resting, doggone it. Don't try to stop me.

  3. I'm too lazy to write a comment now--maybe later!!

  4. Someone once asked Benjamin Franklin for the secret to his success. He claimed that he was the laziest man alive and always looking for the simplest way to do things.

  5. Once again we are in total agreement. Loved the Muslim message. Thanks for the second shout out.

  6. i saw a t-shirt i wanted to buy. it said, 'i'm not lazy but i sure enjoy doing nothing!' :)

  7. A lazy day sometimes never hurt anyone!

  8. You post almost daily.........which makes me feel and look lazy. Thanks, Joe!

  9. Could you present this lesson to 80 high school freshmen? Because they seem to have an overabundance of energy, and need to learn how to channel their inner laziness between 8:12 a.m. and 2:56 p.m.

  10. I was going to come up with some kind of clever comment.

    But I'm too lazy.

  11. I admit when I can I do like to be lazy. But after a few days of lazy, then I'm ready to be active and productive again.


  12. I'm lazy too. I zip through my routine room by room each morning, takes about 15 minutes all up, so I have all day then to do nothing but read books or blogs. even the shower is squeegeed and dried daily (7 minutes) so I don't have to spend an hour each weekend with scrubbing and rinsing etc.

  13. I wish I was lazy. I have the mentality for it but ... I don't have the time.