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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Controlling the Climate

Controlling the Climate

I am not a Global Warming denier, I am a skeptic.  But I am going to throw my skepticism aside and assume scientists are correct.  The planet is getting warmer and it is the fault of…US.  We burn stuff creating carbon dioxide, we breathe in oxygen and breath out even more carbon dioxide, we fart  methane, and we breed animals for food, the animals fart even more methane.

Carbon dioxide and methane trap heat and are responsible for global warming. 

What to do, what to do.

The scientists tell us all our burning, breathing and farting will increase the earth’s temperature three degrees in the next 100 years, which among other things will melt the polar ice caps and flood half the world.  The same scientists also tell us that if we reduce burning, breathing and farting to levels seen years ago, we can stop the warming by .001 degrees.

We are screwed.

We could go back to living like we did before we discovered fire, and by we I mean everyone, all people, all countries…not likely.

Science and technology got us into this problem.  Internal combustion engines, electricity and power plants are responsible for our dilemma, only science and technology will get us out of the dilemma. We are hooked on power, hooked on heat, hooked on transportation.

Let’s put our money into technology.

Plants take in carbon dioxide and turn it into energy, oxygen and water.  I’ll bet really smart people can invent a way to do the same thing.


Here is an article where some really smart people have figured a way to absorb methane and use it to power engines:

There are solutions other than making everyone feel guilty for driving cars and heating their homes. 

Better mileage and cleaner burning engines…good idea.

Wind power…nice, but those windmills are chopping birds in half, not real nice.

Solar power…great stuff, make it better use it more.

These are all good, but not enough according to all the scientists predicting catastrophe.  We need to do more; we need to think out of the box.  Conservation will not work.  Let’s do more. 

Let’s invent stuff to use and reduce the bad gasses.  We could put a man on the moon; we ought to be able to imitate a tree.

Let’s hear it for really smart people!


  1. I think we should just pull the damn plug!!

    1. All we want is something that works, & we get technology!!

  2. Would it help if everyone held their breath for 30 seconds a day? and tried not to fart too much?

  3. Perhaps the robots will find a way to save the planet.

  4. Might as well remaine a skeptic, Cranky. Didja read that VW put a programmed chip in their American diesel cars (expensive cars, let me add) that overrode the emission control (except when the emissions were tested), thus putting out 40% more than allowed emissions from half a million cars. All our gods have clay feet.

  5. It's interesting that you can have a reasoned, scientific discourse on the subject, but our government (both sides of the isle) cannot do the same; they insist on making it a political problem, thus making it impossible to move forward upon.
    I'm not anti-government; I think government has done some fine, necessary things (think FDR, Johnson, Eisenhower), but the one at present have rendered themselves useless with intractable positions.

  6. Follow the money Cranky, then you will find the answers. Always follow the money.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  7. My biggest fear it that we've become so dependent on agriculture to support the Earth's massive population that catastrophe looms when climate change affects food production. There are only a few places on Earth where food is grown in mass quantities, and if production in those places is hindered by changing climate I seriously think mass starvation and a human die-off will be at hand. Maybe this is the Earth's way of dealing with pesky out-of-control humans.

  8. I agree that technology will save us - if anything does.

  9. now recycling methane and other harmful gasses out of the atmosphere and turning it into some sort of fuel sounds really smart!

  10. When you say "they can put a man on the moon...." I believe one of their solutions to all of this global warming is to put us all up on Mars and just start over on another planet. Crazy smart people! They scare me. I don't wanna live on Mars!

  11. Agreeing with you, while i'm not sure the climate is changing for the reasons they say, there is a lot more we could be doing. things we could be inventing, that would make sure we have no part in causing it.

  12. I do agree with you and hope we don't have to reach critical stage for all the nations to pull together and put their brains to work solving a tough problem.

  13. Yet in the 1970s, the media told us we would be entering a new ice age within 10 years. Climate's gonna do what the climate's gonna do.

  14. As long as politicians are listening to (and taking money from) lobbyists in the oil industry, I'm afraid that we're not doing all that we could do to get away from burning fossil fuels.

  15. It does seem like we need to change the way we do a lot of things.

  16. Amen, Crank! Here's a link to an organization that's doing good work:

  17. I live in the snowbelt. Bring it on!


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