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Sunday, November 23, 2014



It is time once again for
That might call for a disengagement


This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider sophomoric and sometimes offensive comments.

One headline may be completely made up, guess the fake and win a mention and a Whoop-tee-doo. 'None of the above' may be the correct answer.


Second hand marijuana smoke as harmful as tobacco – But way more fun!

Jose Canseco plans to sell his middle finger on eBay – On New Jersey highways drivers will give you their middle finger for nothing.

Texan arrested for trying to steal police car, with detective inside – Those Texans…not satisfied with just the car.

Woman claims Bill Cosby never raped her – Cosby lawyer refused to dignify this claim with a response.

Satanic group plans to hand out coloring books in Florida schools – Well that will separate church from state.

Kitty litter mix-up at fed lab contributed to costly nuclear radiation leak, report says – Oh yeah, water cools the nuclear rods, not kitty litter; simple mistake.

President Obama pardons turkey; Republicans object to abuse of power – Oh come on, of course this is fake, there is one more.

Duggar Expands Anti-Gay Brand to Include Racism – Homophobic and racist wow!  Reality star with 19 children doesn’t get that probably at least two are Gay, but probably none are Black.

Pennsylvania Great Dane gives birth to 19 puppies – All in one shot? Kinda makes the Duggars seem like losers.

Most Heavy Drinkers Are Not Alcoholics – They just drink a lot and can’t stop, while an alcoholic can’t stop drinking a lot…good to know.

Mattel apologizes for inept computer engineer Barbie – Why does Mattel apologize, is it their fault that computer engineer Barbie is inept?

100-year-old woman sees ocean for the first time – “That’s it?  It’s just a lot of water.  Big Friggin deal!


Last week’s fake headline was:

Flatulence can trigger Asthma Attack – NYC Mayor DiBlasio pushes to fine farts…wait that didn’t come out right…oops, neither did that.

And the winners are:

It SHOULD be the New York City headline, but I'll go with the flatulence one!!

I just can’t beat fishducky!  Visit fishducky @ always funny stuff!

I was going to go with the gagged dummy but changed my mind, thinking that asthma is the least of your worries when it comes to flatulence, so I'm guessing that one is fake.

He is on a hot streak! Visit Jimmy for not just opinions @

I was going to say the flatulence one but then I started thinking that they didn't necessarily mean your own. That now seems plausible. So I'll guess no fakes.

Oh gee, so close.  I’m sorry, I can’t give a mention to Hilary @  To bad because she has a very entertaining blog, stories told with photos. 

I'm going to go with along with the stupidity virus. Okay, I've not a clue this week.

Oh no! A seventeen week winning streak just came to an end. Sorry, but no mention for Sandee @ Funny stuff, especially silly Sunday, but I just can’t give a mention.

Visit and congratulate all the winners and come back next week for more



  1. going for inept barbie this week. :)

  2. I'm going for Woman claims Bill Cosby never raped her--although it could be true, because he never raped me, either!!

  3. I flipped a coin at last weeks headlines. I really didn't have a clue. I'm glad I lost and I'm sure glad you didn't mention me. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

    I linked you to Silly Sunday as usual. I'll come back in a few days and try to get it right this week.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  4. I'm gonna go with the kitty litter one being the fake.
    Some of these are really great. I'll be looking for more on future Sundays.

  5. My guess is the coloring books in Florida. But I'll probably regret not saying "none of them" because I saw a few of these in the news. I almost fell off my chair, eager to win with the pardoned turkey until you disqualified it!
    These are so much fun!

  6. I just hope the woman in the picture doesn't hyphenate her last name.

  7. My wife tells me she was not raped by Bill Cosby. In spite of this, I'll pick the Cosby headline.

  8. "Texan arrested for trying to steal police car, with detective inside"

    I'm pleading entrapment. He was taking a nap in the back seat after finishing off a box of donuts. How fair is that? ;)


  9. I read about the Great Dane - those were the dogs we had growing up. Sooo, I'm going with Jose's middle finger..

  10. I love the Long-Wiwi Wedding. As for the fake headline, I guess it would be the Satanic group, or at least I hope so. The "Obama pardoning the turkey, and Republicans calling it an abuse of power" is a totally real headline. Why would Republicans not object to something Obama did?

  11. I am going with "Woman claims Bill Cosby never raped her," I hope it is true but I don't see the news media reporting it.

  12. Eeny, meeny, kitty litter...
    Mattel, oh well, computer fit her?

    I'll go with inept Barbie. It must be hard to hit the right keys while leaning forward on those tippy-toes, overbalanced by your bosom, using fused-together fingers.

  13. Canseco selling his middle finger is my guess.

  14. Bill Didn't Do It, for heavens sake there has to be at least one, seriously though and sad to say a headline claiming he didn't do would have to be fake.

  15. I am gonna go with the kitty litter mix-up!!

  16. Jose Canseco plans to sell his middle finger on eBay is my pick. This is over the top.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺