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Monday, November 24, 2014



A cranky re-run from November 2011 for

Atheism is the rejection of belief in the existence of a deity or unexplained force which is responsible for the miraculous creation of life.  If you ask an Atheist what religion he follows, he will say he is an Atheist.

Atheism is, I submit, the religion of non-religion.

There are articles in the paper or on the web everyday about Atheists objecting to religious symbols, be they Christian, Jewish, Islamic or Hindi, in public buildings.  Atheists object to any prayer or even a moment of silence in any public function.  They object to teaching of any religions, even if done in an educational, non-proselytizing format.  They object to using the term God before a school team takes the field.  They even object to students wearing or displaying their own religious symbols in schools.  These objections are always made on the Constitutional doctrine of the separation of church and state.  

It seems to me, that Atheism is itself a religion.  It is a religion that preaches or if you will proselytizes the non-existence of any deity.  If Atheism is itself a religion, the symbol of Atheism is no symbol.  If schools and other Government institutions are to be separate from religion and religious symbols, then having no symbols, the symbol of Atheism, is also in violation of the separation doctrine.

When I enter a school, or court and I see no religious symbols, I am made uncomfortable by the obvious insinuation that the institution is supporting Atheism, the religion of nothing.  I should not be uncomfortable in these institutions that I support with my taxes.  I should not be forced to be subjected to these non-symbols which clearly support Atheism.

These government buildings should display symbols of all religions so that no one is made to feel uncomfortable.  Every building should have a symbol representing Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hindi, and Atheism.  The symbol for atheism could be a circle with a collage of Jesus, Mohammad, Gandhi, and Moses with a bold line through the circle.

Our money should be minted with the phrase, “In God We Trust…or not.” The Pledge of Allegiance should be amended to read, “One nation, under God….or not.”   All prayers before public functions should end “Amen…assuming God exists.”

The solution to Atheist’s objection to other religious inferences in public places is to include equally the symbols and message of Atheism.  No citizen should be made to feel uncomfortable because of religious messages, and that includes Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindi and ATHEISTS!


  1. I just saw the movie, Saint Vincent, this weekend and it kind of brought out that theme. By the way, it was a movie to remember. Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy were the best. For my taste in movies, I'll give it the highest number or whatever they give for movies.

  2. thanks for the laughs. and the sad head-shaking... :)

  3. You have a wicked sense of humor. The religion of nothing. Sounds about right to me.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  4. What would the symbol for Agnosticism be--a question mark?

  5. Most people don't realize that "In God we trust" was added to US money as recently as the 1920s. The Atheists I know only object to tax dollars being used to endorse religions.

    On a lighter note, famed philosopher Woody Allen once said,"I don't know if there's an afterlife, but just to be sure when I go I'm bringing a change of underwear."

  6. I agree with your premise. All or nothing. There could get to be a rather large spate of symbols, though.

  7. I second the recommendation of St. Vincent. I bet you would like it.

  8. I personally have never understood how you could believe in nothing. So an empty sign of nothing would work for them.

  9. I have heard this theory before of atheism being a religion. I can see it, especially how you defined it. What is interesting is hubby helps out at a local middle school with their guitar classes and participates in their winter concert. (we won't say Christmas concert though it is right winter break that falls right before Christmas). The kids play religious Christmas songs and I haven't heard a word of complaint in the years he's been doing it. Every year the teacher has him do a solo of a song and several years he's done religious songs (last year was Angels we have heard on high). No one ever complained. Interesting. I guess no atheists or parents of such attend that school.


    1. Or maybe about half the parents who attend are atheists but don't mind :)

  10. Um... most atheists are not like this. Like me! I'm an atheist and I do NOT "believe in nothing." I believe in humanity, kindness, the power of nature and the amazing beauty and wonder there is in the world. I love science but I don't believe it's always right. (Neither do scientists). I believe religion is helpful to people and it has benefits. I believe people should practice whatever religion they like. I believe in separation of church and state. I don't believe a god created the universe - sorry.

  11. Let me just add that the movie St. Vincent is an absolute must-see!

  12. I've got to Google this St.Vincent movie that's been mentioned 3 times in the comments.

    This is always a hard topic to comment on. I'll just say that your spin on it is one that I haven't heard. I'll give it some thought... or not. :)