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Saturday, November 22, 2014


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The following is the opinion of a cranky old man with little or no knowledge on the topic opined.  Conflicting opinions are welcome, but will be ignored.  As always, please, no name calling.  That means you, you big butt-head!

This just in:

The Federal Aviation Administration won a key ruling this week allowing it to regulate drone flights.

The decision by the National Transportation Safety Board was a setback for those who had argued drones should be allowed to fly without all the regulations that apply to more typical manned aircraft.

The decision revolved around a $10,000 FAA fine against businessman Raphael Pirker, who used a remotely operated 56-inch foam glider to take aerial video to make an advertisement.

An NTSB judge overturned the fine in March, holding that the FAA aircraft rules should not apply to unmanned aircraft.

But the NTSB ruled Monday that the FAA rules should apply.

You have got to be kidding me!  I am not a big fan of government regulations, but Holy Hannah!  Planes without pilots flying around without any regulations? 

Who is at the controls?  Do they have any idea what the heck they are doing?  Are the drones maintained properly? Does the idea of small objects with multiple propellers knifing through the air anywhere any time by anyone scare only me?

Do drones ever crash?  Could they crash on a moving vehicle, or a pedestrian, or another plane, or an electric wire, or through a school window, or a nuclear power plant, or a…well pretty much anywhere?

Who is asking for drones without regulations or standards?  Are they crazy?  Gee, what could go wrong? 

Personally I would like to see drones outlawed by all but our Armed Forces.  I’m not a fan of guns, concealed or otherwise, but imagine the damage a lunatic could reek with a drone and some fertilizer. How about a teenager goofing around, or a drunk, or me for crispy sake.

I’ve read about Amazon wanting to use drones to make deliveries.  No thank you, I’ll wait.

If we allow anyone to fly these things for any reason, without making sure these operators are qualified, sane and law abiding; if we allow these drones to fly without assuring proper maintenance, there will be accidents.  People will be killed, property will be damaged and then for sure, laws will be passed.

Maybe we should think about it and pass adequate laws now. 

Hell, if I can’t smoke because it disturbs someone else’s air, then I sure as hell don’t want to be breathing in your drone fumes or even worse smacking into your drone!

The preceding is the opinion of a cranky old man, and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky. 


  1. i agree. should be regulated. the potential use for them for attacks, spying - even paparazzi-style - or just plain invading protected air space and causing collisions is enough to worry a sane person these days.

  2. We've gone mad. Mad I tell you. I agree that there should be regulations. The chance for a disaster is very high.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  3. I agree with TexWisGirl, Sandee--& YOU!!

  4. Yes, drown the little suckers in regulations. These things can bring down an airliner and several have been seen by airline pilots lately. Sucking one into a jet can't be good. You brought up even more of their unsavory uses.

  5. I'm joining the choir. Regulate 'em.

  6. I'm "sitting on the fence." Scary, though.

  7. Yeah that's a bit insane. For a country that worries about security of all kinds, and for good reason, this sounds terribly lax. They're regulated up here.

  8. Ah, traffic is bad enough on the roads( I mean ground.) We do not want any thing hovering over heads and have to be on the alert. I only look at the roads while I drive, I will be terrible in handling the fact that we may have to have eyes on the top of our heads. LOL

  9. Put my name on the petition, too. Just too stupid an idea, and we won't even mention the invasive and dangerous.

  10. Sign me up for Team Cranky on this one. I don't want these things raining down on me.

  11. Anything in the air needs to be regulated in my opinion, no matter who is flying it or if it is flying itself. Common sense I think.


  12. We can't have drones flying around all willy-nilly! Regulate them! Regulate them!

  13. Similar to as driving a car on the road requires education about traffic rules and a license, there should be education and rules about flying drones (and maybe a special license along with it).

    I can see the use for it - real estate agents here use them for taking aerial photos and videos of properties they sell.

  14. No one seems to want drones flying around unregulated and a lot of people don't want them at all. Driverless cars on the ground and unmanned flying objects in the air.

  15. I'm not a fan of drones although I'm sure they have their uses.

  16. I actually want a drone and my neighbor has one, probably not the kind that needs regulations but I'm not sure... It came in handy when we were totally flooded out up here on the mountain and we could also see the debris that made it's way into the Boise River so the county guys had a head's up on what was heading towards the bridges. They're useful tools but I see your point about the crash factor. Not much to crash into or fall on up this way.

  17. I am for some regulations but not the FAA is the one who should be enforcing them. I think it should be a local and or state thing for the most part.

  18. Well, the sad truth is that there are rules and regs already for these things from decades past but everyone is acting like they're new and different from what came before. I started flying R/C gadgets (what they now rename drones) in the 70's and there are numerous regulations from both the FAA and FCC one these as well as many state and local laws. They refer to Radio Control planes, choppers, cars, boats, etc. Someone who was too cool for their own good renamed these to drones 'cuz, you know, that's what the guvment uses to get bad guys.

    You're only allowed to use certain radio frequencies, can't fly over 1000 ft without FAA clearance, can't fly them unless they are in direct sight, can not fly in no-fly zones (permanent or temporary), can't be used for commercial purposes without a permit, etc etc. It really is pathetic that the talking heads are lying about there being no restrictions and there being a big problem. The big problem is the news programs that are unwilling to follow the simple laws that already exist. I guess that makes it easier to get your own footage when you need to go out-of-sight or over 1000 ft or into a no-fly zone never mind using for commercial purposes without a permit.

    The whole renaming thing plays well for a news org when you wanna skirt the existing laws.


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