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Monday, March 10, 2014

WHAT I’D ASK THE PRESIDENT- a cranky rerun

This cranky re-run is from deep in the cranky vault.  One of my earliest posts from June 2011.  Kind of different from what I post today, but still full of the characteristic cranky stupidity.
If I had the chance to interview the President of the United States, I would not settle for the typical Barbra Walters softball questions.  I would ask the questions every American wants to know:

Will government run healthcare save the average person money and will health services be as available as they are today?

How can we turn around the unemployment problem we face today?

Do you put the toilet seat down, or leave it up?

When do you see an end to the fighting in Afghanistan?

Now that you have released your birth certificate, can we see proof of your baptism?

Will Joe Biden be your running mate in 2012?

Do your daughters call you Mr. President, Daddy, or M’Lord?

What is the capital of Tanzania?

What brand of cigarettes do you not smoke?

Will we ever have a balanced budget?

How do you spell potato?

It has been said that your wife’s name and Belle are words that go together well.  How do you respond? 

If gay marriages are not legal, can a gay man marry a lesbian?

If a train left the station traveling at 60 miles an hour and stopped at its destination in 4 hours and 27 minutes, how did it stop at the station if it was going 60 miles per hour?

If you vetoed every piece of legislation coming from a Republican House and Senate, could we call you The Obamabill Noman?



  1. For this president I only have one question:
    Would you consider thumbing your nose when you tell a lie? I mean, assuming everything is a lie is getting old even if it's true, ya know?

    PS- He wouldn't be the first person (or even the second) in authority that I would have asked that question of. Just so you know.

  2. I guess I'd want to know if he thought the presidency was worth all the abuse he's endured trying to do a good job.

  3. I wouldn't ask him anything as you wouldn't get an honest answer. He wouldn't know the truth if it ran over him.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  4. I'd want to know if there are groupies in the White House anymore or did Bill take them all with him when he moved on?

  5. Xavier and Sandee - Now now be nice.

    Stephen - Very good question. That is why if nominated I will not run and if elected I will not I spell potatoe wrong.

    Scott - I'm sure if there were some trying to be groupies Michelle would kick their butts!

  6. "And if you like my answers, you can keep them."

  7. It seems our president is attacked and blamed for everything that happens today. The Koch brothers and and others of their ilk have done a good job in fomenting discontent, kind of like their father did when he was busy supporting the John Birch Society and their sciamachy. No president can please everyone, but this president walks with a bullseye on his back. It's not fair or deserved. The worst president this country ever had, in my opinion, left office in 2009, but I accepted that he was still our president and was due respect.

  8. William W.
    Your opinion is shared by several other people I know.

  9. I agree with Stephen. What a dreadful job president is.

  10. You are very diplomatic, Joe H.