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Wednesday, March 19, 2014



Mrs. C and I just got back from our tax accountant.  It took about fifteen minutes to sign stuff and write checks.  We spent another half hour hearing some of his recent problems.  When he was done, I had three new heroes.

The accountant, A.K., told us of his difficult past few weeks, not in way of a complaint, but as an explanation for taking a little longer to finish our returns.  That and because Mrs. C asked about his daughter.

A.K. has three sons and a grandson.  His sons are grown and out of the house.  Five years ago he and Mrs. A.K. adopted a two year old little girl.  This little girl had a medical condition.  Her mother did not take proper care of her.  The little girl needed a heart transplant. 
Mrs. A.K.’s best friend is a case worker.  It was through this friend that they learned of the little girl’s situation.

When this little girl was only one, she was in the hospital for months after a heart valve operation.   Her mother only visited sporadically and only for a short time.  The valve operation was not successful and the little girl was on a waiting list for a new heart.  Because her mother was negligent, the hospital determined she could not survive a transplant because she would never receive the care and treatment required from this neglectful mother.  They were going to take her off the list for a new heart.

Mr. and Mrs. A.K. stepped forward and took this child as foster parents with the intent to permanently adopt her.  The little girl got her transplant.  The A.K.’s completed the adoption after a difficult two year process and now four years later are loving parents of a beautiful seven year old daughter.

Recently the daughter has had problems related to the transplant.  She has undergone operations, and taken drugs so powerful she has to be quarantined because they lower her resistance to infection and disease.

The parents have spent much of the last fourteen days sleeping at the hospital and worrying about their little girl.  The results are not in yet.  She will either fully recover, or she will have to be put on a list for another transplant. 

The little girl has been a trooper throughout this ordeal.  Her only complaint is she occasionally asks why she can’t just be normal.   A.K. has no answer other than to tell her she is special and God must have a plan.

At times in relaying this story the accountant’s eyes welled up just a bit. He did say before we left that prayers would be appreciated.


This man, his wife and their little girl are my new heroes.


  1. I'm adding my prayers to yours. What a truly wonderful couple and an amazing little girl. Definitely heroes.

  2. I know how much those prayers are appreciated.
    They're on the way.

  3. I've added them to my prayer list as well. Thanks for sharing these heroes with the rest of us.

    Have a blessed day. ☺

  4. This little girl encountered two angels when your accountant and his wife entered her life.

  5. My husband and I are also foster parents and can relate to the longing of these people to take care of this baby girl, their new daughter. My heart goes out to them. So much extra work and love go into foster children to help them feel like they belong. These people are amazing. Prayers to the little girl. Thank you for sharing!

  6. There are some truly wonderful people in this world. You are privileged to know those two.

  7. Wow, what wonderful people they are. I'll be praying for her, and her parents, too.


  8. Your accountant and his wife are heroes. Add my loving wishes for their beautiful daughter.

  9. Thank you for sharing that. The parents are truly amazing to adopt a small child with grown kids. Hoping for the best.

  10. May God bless and watch over this family, and may He completely heal their daughter.

  11. They get prayers
    You get Bacon
    (I am allowed to award Bacon because I have received it myself)

    Uncle Skip explains it here and here

  12. Your accountant and his wife have my admiration, and their child has my prayers and best wishes.

  13. Just when I think it's time to round up the handbaskets, people amaze me. Sending good vibes their way. Thank you for sharing their story.

  14. Those people are heroes and my prayers are on the way.

  15. I'm continually amazed and inspired by the strength and courage of ordinary everyday people. Yes, your accountant and his wife are true heroes, not only to the little gal but to everyone who hears their story. Thank you for sharing it. Praying here, as well.


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