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Thursday, March 13, 2014


Mrs. Cranky just got hired for a job for which she never even applied.

She has been hired as a consultant in the “Mystery Shopper’s Program  (No end-quote…hmmm) by BLUE BELT SERVICE SCOUTS EVALUATION INC.

She was hired from their affiliate, Consumer Survey Specialist, were (their spelling) Mrs. Cranky apparently indicated an interest.

I am just curious if this is a scam or not.

I have Googled the heck out of “Blue Belt Scouts Evaluation Inc.” and found nothing.  Their address is just a P.O. Box address, Box 5509 in Pittsburgh, Pa.  and yet the postage was from Canada.  All the telephone numbers they give are toll- free, or from someplace in Canada. 

Here is the deal:

They sent Mrs. C a check for $3000.  Yippee!!

Mrs. C calls her account manager Daisy Joseph or Timothy Derry @1-819-576-2571 to have the check validated and receive further instructions.

The first assignment will be to test any Money Gram location to evaluate their competency and customer service.  (ANY Money Gram location…REALLY? Wouldn’t they know that Money Gram is MoneyGram, not Money Gram?)


Mrs. C is to send $2400 to ANKIE PETERSON at their branch in STOCKHALM SWEDEN.  (Gee, I don’t find a StockhAlm Sweden…they probably meant StockhOlm.)

Here is the good news.  Mrs. Cranky gets to keep $400 as her salary for this job, after she fills out and returns an evaluation sheet.

For her second assignment, Mrs. Cranky is asked to spend the remaining $100 at “ONE of the retail stores listed: WAL-MART, COSTCO, BESTBUY, HOME DEPOT, Etc.” She is to then inform if the employees are helpful or not and she can keep her purchases as a bonus.  I think Mrs. Cranky would probably carry out this assignment at “Etc.” but I’m not sure there is an “Etc.” store in our area.

I don’t know, I am just a little wary.  Why would a company send $3000 to someone they don’t even know.  Wouldn’t some people just take the money and run?  I am a bit uncomfortable depositing a check from a company that I cannot find on the internet via Google and then sending $2400 to StockhAlm Sweden. 

What could go wrong?

I don’t know. 
It looks very official with lovely letterhead and all.
I would like to thank PAULA KOLISTE (Director of Operations) as we can use the money.  We will be following your instructions soon because…wait…what is this?

Never mind.


  1. yikes! i'd not touch that check except to rip it to shreds.

  2. I've not been hit with that scam yet. If it sounds too good to be true then it is.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. It all sounds rather suspicious to me. I hope you'll provide us with an update.

  4. It's amazing that these scams keep going around. What keeps them going is that there are people who fall for it and send them money! If it didn't work, they would stop. But if just 1% of the people actually fall for it, that will keep them in "business". ( with all the spelling errors, it would seem as if this scam was designed by a bunch of 4 year olds.)

  5. In answer to Stephen, I am taking all the correspondence to the post office and report it as mail fraud. I doubt they will take any action especially because these scumbags appear to be in Canada. I think these activities should be taken more seriously. Preying on weak minds and robbing them of money they can not afford to lose is as serious to me as mugging the weak of body. These bastards prey on the old, the weak, and yes the greedy and the victims deserve more protection. It can't be that hard to track them down if law enforcement took it more serious.

    1. They are SCUM and they do seem to prey on retired age people. My mother has had similar phone calls and I haven't. Can't believe young friendly sounding people would do this kind of nasty work.

  6. They will get you coming and going. No free lunch, ever!

  7. Scum of the earth!

  8. The sad part is that there must be a significant number of people who do fall for this or it wouldn't just keep happening. I feel badly that it originated in my country. Here's a link to the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre. See #9 on that page.

  9. I hope that it does not come in our mail. It does seem like a scam.

  10. That was an unfortunate typo. You're supposed to send that money on to "Scott Park", not "StockhAlm". And please flight to Nigeria leaves in an hour. ;)

  11. Yes! This is a scam! Tell her to send the check to me hear in Azirona and I'll make it good for her.

  12. Gotta be a scam. You would think they would have spell check at least. Sure hope they catch them.

  13. Unless I am mistaken, there is another hundred left over. Send it to me and I will do a full investigation from my office in the Middle East.

  14. This story sound familiar. The same thing happened to my dad's wife. I hope she reads your posts so she learns not to send these scammers any more money.

  15. Well, it seems like Mrs. C's mad skillz have been recognized world-wide!

  16. It all sounds a bit suss to me.

  17. It sounds like it has SCAM written all over it, especially since she never applied for a job and I get emails congratulating me on getting mystery shopper jobs that I have never applied to. In December hubby got a $4,000 check in the mail. Winnings for a contest that he never entered. I too searched Googled info and could only find Canadian affiliates. It went through the shredder.

  18. That guy from Nigeria moved to Stockhalm. :-)


  19. we've gotten scam mailings and e-mailing like these several times a year. I used to faithfully report 'em all but eventually found out that most get circular-filed as there are too many to investigate domestically, let alone internationally.

  20. I got the same letter from Blue Belt Service Scouts, with the same account managers. The big chunk of funds I send via Money Gram is to David Marquez in Stockhalm, Sweden:~D

    Did you notice the bold, underlined comment: "Failure to complete these two assignments respectively will lead to employment termination"? I didn't know I was hired! Think I'll just terminate myself now.


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