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Friday, March 14, 2014



Just when I think I am running out of any material to post, Mrs. Cranky comes through for me. 

Yesterday I got my hair trimmed on Mrs. Cranky’s request. 

I must explain.  I am basically bald.  I’ve got one of those skin landing strip kinda things going for me.  Several years ago, Mrs. C thought (decided) I should grow a rat-tail.  I thought that was stupid.  She said it might be a turn-on. 

I grew a rat-tail.


My right leaning scull now has a liberal looking rat-tail.  (Well I could be a bad boy biker dude, except motorcycles scare the crap outta me.)

At least I no longer look like our disgraced ex-governor, Jon Corzine.
Disgraced ex-Governor Corzine


So yesterday I got my hair trimmed at my Sister-in-laws salon.  I thought it looked pretty good, but then when I look in the mirror I see a seventeen year old stud…less the pimples. 

Several minutes ago, just before she left the house to go to work, Mrs. Cranky decided to evaluate my hair cut.

“I think it is cut a little too short.”

“That’s OK, it does grow back.”

“True, but until it does, it looks kinda creepy.”

Who says that to their husband?

I guarantee there is not a husband in this universe that would ever tell their wife their new hairdo looked “kinda creepy!”  Even Juan Pablo (The Bachelor…I know, I may be gay) knows to just say, “Ees OK, ees fine.”

So now for the next two to three weeks, where ever I go I am going to have “It looks kinda creepy” buzzing through my mostly bald head.

Thanks a lot Mrs. C.


  1. LOL

    I'm normally a fake blonde. One day, by error, I came home a fake brunette.

    Husband: I like it...

    Son (to Husband): Liar!

    I was quickly back to blonde.

  2. Nothing wrong with bald. My husband shaves his head bald sometimes because his hair is to thick and it makes him sweat. It's kind of hot honestly. You know what they say
    If you are bald on top you are a thinker. If you are bald in the back you are a lover. If you are bald all over you think you are a lover. lol I have to admit the rat tail kinda surprised me. :)

    1. Many men aren’t bald and shave their heads. I’ve shaved right down to the scalp for more than ten years. I gave it a try and kept it. My wife likes my head clean shaved because she believes i look sexier and younger. She actually got me to finally get an earring to! Who am I to argue? Shaving is easy because while my hair grows very thick the hairs are fine and shave right off. So if she likes it that’s fine with me. The only person who didn’t like it was my mother. She thought a shaved head made me look rough.

  3. Definitely a biker look going on there. But not creepy. No-not creepy.

  4. isn't that bad, Cranky. Now go have your nails done, maybe buy yourself some new'll be fine. ;)


  5. Distinguished -- that's how you look. Don't like the rat tail though...

  6. You vs's definitely better to be a "Cranky Old Man" than a "Crooked Old Man".

  7. Go back to the salon and get a buzz cut. See how she likes that. Bwahahahahahahaha. I don't think your haircut looks creepy.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺

  8. i'm laughing. :)

    just saw corzine's son committed suicide. hadn't known his name before and now i've seen it twice.

  9. I don't comment on other men's hair.

    That's creepy!

  10. It's a little too close to being a mullet, but that's the only thing I'll offer that even comes close to an opinion.
    It's your head Dude. You can grow whatever you want up there.

  11. You really should come home bald just once, and see what Mrs. thinks. It does grow back.

  12. Most guys learn real quick not to say what they think about a spouse's appearance. We women should be so wise.

  13. I'm not getting creepy here. I've tried to grow a ponytail over the years but my hair just won't cooperate.

  14. Lighten up. It's not that bad. Actually being called creepy would be a definite upgrade from some of the things Mrs. T. has tossed my way...;)

  15. Hmmm. We definitely want to keep Mrs. C happy. So maybe if you braid the rat-tail, you know, just until it grows long again. No? Okay, then maybe just pull it up with a couple of bobby pins for now. Not good? Okay, I know. Get a really cool baseball cap and then pull the stubby rat-tail out through the hole in the back of the cap. No? Well hey, that's all I got. If you want remain looking "a little creepy" then fine by me.

  16. Wives have a way of bringing us guys down, don't they?

  17. Speaking as a woman who, a mere 30 minutes ago, told her husband that he could be a workplace shooter or possible pedophile...I think the "kinda creepy" comment of Mrs. C was relatively mild.

    My husband dropped in to the solar car shop at my son's college this afternoon to check on their progress. He said the instructors there ignored him and let him walk right past them. Thus, the possible ne'er-do-well scenario. He has a thinly-thatched landing strip and a goatee, but no rat-tail.

  18. Hey, at least you kept the handle she likes.
    I personally find a shaved head really hot.

  19. Both of my older sons went bald in their twenties. One shaves his head, the other has really, really short hair.

    Looks cute.

    Son No. 3 could be a bear he has so much hair.

  20. what? you say like as though creepy is a bad thing .....

  21. I think the rat tail looked creepy!

  22. I have two friends that when they started to go bald, they just shaved all their hair off. I need to schedule an appointment to get my haircut soon.

  23. Like most women I see nothing wrong with balding. Like most men my (balding) husband doesn't believe me or doesn't care what I think - he hates it anyway. Keep it short, that's the key.

  24. Creepy... rat tail... bald... It's all relative.

    I'll bet Mrs. C. was a little bored and needed a reaction.

    Btw, I don't like the bachelor (the show or Juan Pueblo), but nice impression.