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Monday, November 21, 2011



OK, last week’s quiz word “POOBAS” was a tough one, but the previous  week was too easy.  Many read this week’s post, few responded.

           Michael Ann said...

I have NO idea what the new one is :(

At least guess!  That’s half the fun. L

Katrina said...

Okay I'm getting no sleep now thanks to your newest "toddler talk" sentence challenge....

Here is a very lame guess...

"Papa Joe play with us!"

although "poo" in no way sounds like "play" so I don't know.

How about...

"Papa Joe fooled us"

but you say it has to do with a game?
Ugh, I have nothing else. So much for my new iPad.

Now Katrina knows how to play the game!

Katrina said...

Just so you know all of my kids are walking around saying "Poobas" trying to figure out what the toddler said. Yep, it's a family challenge now. I've let them in. I need all the help I can get.

Avery, age ten, says, " means POO." and I told her, NO, it has something to do with a game. And so she said, "Well, maybe they are playing doll house. Playing house is sort of like a game."

A.J. age 8 said, "The kid is saying "move us" like if they were playing a board game and needed to move the players around the board."

Aria, age 3 (who I thought would "get it" simply because she just left her own toddlerhood and still might be able to make toddler talk, said, "Poobas? What dat?" Yea, she's no help.

Alex, age 12, said, "Mom, it's blue-something. Blue box. Like if they were playing Candyland and they needed to move to the blue box."

So you can see I'm putting in my time here. Okay, I'll let you know if I have any more guesses!

Well, she may take it a little too serious!

So I gave a hint:

            Is this too hard after last week’s easy quiz? Hint, POOBAS refers to something in a game.



                            Jordan Marie @ said...

Happy Mingle Monday!!


Hmmm… Is this a comment?

Lou said...

Still thinking on this one - this one is hard, even with the clue!

Lou :-)

Come on Lou – See above for Michael Ann!

           Katrina tried so hard I gave her a new clue based on a picture    in   her post:

Okay, I got it...

            "Pa Pa Joe pool balls"

              am I right? it's all I could think of considering photos #6 and #7

           If I'm right.... then I had the unfair advantage...unless you direct everyone to my blog post with    photos #6      and #7 as the clues :)


This week’s Toddler Talk quiz offers two words from Mary Beth’s 3  year old crankette Graham:

“SWTEEPY” – hint, probably not what you think.

“MEOMUDDER” – hint, probably what you think.

            All winners will be awarded a WHOOP-TEE-DOO!

                         Good Luck!

                          I am accepting Toddler Talk Quiz words from readers – email to - Cranky


  1. is it ............ bacon ;)

    I'll be back after a little think ...

  2. the first thing I thought was sleepy, but the clue said it's not what you think....

    the second word could be "my mother" or "give me another"....

    the first one still has me stumped though!!

    PS thanks for your very nice comment from the other day!I appreciated the extra effort you took to incorporate my theme!