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Sunday, November 27, 2011



This week’s stupid HEADLINES and my stupid sophomoric stupid comments PLUS a contest for best stupid comment on the last headline!

Poland Unveils Statue of Ronald Reagan in WarsawGiant statue of the Ex-President screwing in a light bulb all by himself!  (Oh come on Polish people...GOY.)

'Cursing' Baby Doll Upsets Parents – But they admit their kids are learning their fucking numbers and bullshit letters!

Bill Gates Testifies in $1B Lawsuit Against Microsoft- YO BILL, HELLO, it’s your company!

Thousands rally against Wisconsin Republican governorBut, the Governor points out, millions stayed home.

School Calls Cops After 12-year-olds KissBoth children are arrested for child molestation.

Man behind NYC's famous Sabrett hot dogs diesFinally! Every time I ordered one of those dirty water weenies that guy standing behind the cart skeeved me out!

Former FBI Director Louise Freeh to Head Latest Penn State Probe Hmmm…another Penn State probe?  And a former FBI director?  This just gets worse and worse!

Irish tycoon ordered to repay bank record $560 mlnMan claimed he did not have to pay because it was a gift; Judge Judy ruled otherwise.

Exclusive: MF Global Workers Likely Violated Securities Laws – I don’t know what these global workers did, but calling them MF’s is kinda over-the-line!

Anthony Weiner Does Black Friday Shopping in N.Y.C. With Moustache - ____________________   submit your comment CONTEST  winner will be awarded a WHOOP-TEE-DOO!!

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