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Saturday, November 19, 2011


THE NBA IS ON STRIKE!.....Chirp Chirp Chirp

It is almost Thanksgiving and it just dawned on me; isn’t there supposed to be a professional basketball league playing by now?  The NBA?

Apparently the NBA players are on strike.  Why?  Don’t they get paid pretty well?  Are they downtown protesting against the 1%?  Aren’t they part of the 1%?  Has anyone else noticed?

If the NFL were on strike I think I would have heard.  I think I would be crying.  The thought of no Super Bowl Sunday would have people standing on ledges.  No NBA?  Yawn.  We have FOOTBALL, we have College Basketball, we have Hockey…(we do have hockey right.  I think some people watch hockey.) When March Madness is over we will have baseball!  For the maybe two weeks between March Madness and the start of baseball I might miss the NBA, but think I can take figure skating and BMX racing for two weeks.

This NBA strike is going to prove nobody really cares.  This is like US meat inspectors going on strike, it is like meter maids going on strike, it is like professional bowlers going on strike.  NOBODY CARES!!

If Policemen go on strike, people care; If Firefighters go on strike, people care; If Baseball players go on strike, people care; If Football players go on strike, people jump off buildings.  If transit workers go on strike, people care.  Even if Teachers go on strike, people care.

RT – Listening to TV I just heard on “What not to Wear” a person whose name was Yourine.  Wouldn’t that be Urine?  Is her brother named Shittare? WTF?

NBA players go on strike….NO ONE CARES!

Guys, if you want to keep your huge salaries, go back to work play!

But then, I really don’t care.   


  1. I'm with you. NOBODY CARES!!

    Everywhere I go, I expect to hear at least one person say something about this so called strike...nothing. Really, nothing at all. They talk about the economy, the Penn State rape and subsequent firing of Joe Paterno, Demi Moore's breakup with Ashton Kutcher....see? Nobody cares!

    lol, love this post.

  2. No one care. You are so right.
    What do they want, anyway? More money?

  3. I didn't even realize it was gone until yesterday when my husband was saying that he does not miss it at all

  4. Nothing like Millionaires fighting with Billionaires. I have gotten to the point I must do not care about any of the professional sports. It seems like they care more about the money then playing the game. I am talking about the players and the owners.

    Dan the Mountain Man
    Mountain Highs and Valley Lows

  5. I'm so tired of professional athletes and their multi-million dollar contracts. ALL OF THEM!!!

    Have you noticed the Buffalo Bills haven't won a game since Fitzpatrack signed his $60 million dollar contract.

    It's a lot of horse pucky if you ask me.