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Sunday, November 6, 2011



This week’s TODDLER TALK was apparently more difficult than last week’s WAMAWA.  But we do have some winners!  This week’s quiz word was:


First the losers:

Megan said...

Okay, I'm super impressed - I never would have guessed lawnmower!

Come on Megan…at least GUESS!!

Kitti Redcoat said...

Hmm...this one is tricky! All I'm coming up with is "spaceship" you give your grandchildren spaceships?! Is that even a logical guess? Lol xx

Sarah Mac said...

I'll give this another go (mostly because Lou is too busy to be blogging so I might stand a chance) - is it biscuit?

Close, but….no

Hi following from monday mingle
What a cute blog I enjoyed reading it.
Please come visit me any time

Hmmm I am guessing this was a cut and paste comment.  Thx Jolly…also you are not following, why say you are.

Sorry I missed this! Great to find a fellow author via Monday Mingle today. Great blog!

CJ xx

Come on Crystal at least a guess!!

Helena said...

Hi! Visiting from the Monday Mingle. I have no idea what it is...basehit...Basket?! LOL!

Oh I’m sorry.. but good guess.

"i want my face painted"

am i right? lol :) i hope...i was thinking about halloween when the answer came to me.


Ronetta is creative as always, but this week is a miss.

TigerEyes2001 said...

That's really hard! I have NO idea... And I'm impressed by those who got lawnmower! What a fun little game, though :)
Hi! New follower from the Mingle Monday hop! I hope you'll stop by my blog and follow back! Thanks! :)
Through the Eyes of a Tiger

Another non-guess

I'm guessing Biscuit?

Lou said...

Hmmmm....I think this one is basket.

Sorry for my blond moment there with the disappearing did say my head was all over place...Now enjoying the glorious Cali sun though so hopefully my crazy head will clear..:-)

Lou x

Still not basket, but Lou was too busy to think this week.


Nicole V has left a new comment on your post "TODDLER TALK VII":

Blanket? Or marybe bracelette?

WHOOP-T   partial credit.  Sorry I lost Nicole’s web site.  Return next week and I will post it.

Katrina has left a new comment on your post "TODDLER TALK VII":

"I want my bracelet"

With nine kids Katrina is too good at this game.  But here it is well earned:


This week’s TODDLER TALK quiz word is from Step-crank Casey (More than a few years ago)

“KRIMSIS”  In a Toddler Talk sentence – “I lob KRIMSIS”

Good Luck All!

1 comment:

  1. Yep, it has to be that! That's my guess and Cranky wasn't quick enough to erase the first guess! Will we both get the Whoop-De-Doo? :)