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Tuesday, November 1, 2011



TV commercials will tell future anthropologists much about changes in our society and culture. 
Ads in the fifties and sixties portrayed women as cute, but incapable of doing anything but vacuuming rugs and cleaning dishes and clothes.  Husbands always had that “Oh isn’t she cute….stupid, but cute” look on their face as they stepped in to solve the various problems that wives in those decades were incapable of resolving.

Ads in the seventies, eighties and into the nineties slowly began to portray women as not only capable of doing “men stuff” but often able to do these tasks even better.  Women went from incapable, to equally capable.

Ads from the late nineties until today have shown women to have evolved into not just equal, but far superior to men in virtually everything.  Women still vacuum and clean while men try, but just don’t cut it.  Women talk used car salesmen into the best deals while the husband looks on with his thumb up a hidden orifice.  Women are the bread winners, the cleaners, the cooks, and the child care-givers.  Husbands watch football, drink beer, lie on the couch, and fuck up any project they do attempt.  While the husband is a total lazy fuckup, the wife has that, “Oh isn’t he’s just like a man….lazy and stupid, but he’s my man” look on their face as they step in to solve the various problems that men currently seem incapable of handling.

Ladies, I am about to turn traitor to my gender, but be careful about what you expect from your man.  While the ladies of the fifties wanted to break out of their stereotype, men if given the chance, will absolutely assume the football watching, beer swilling, couch potato image that is being thrust upon them. 

We are motivated by need.  We need to be needed by a woman and we need to be needed by children.  We are wired to make sure our women and children are taken care of.  We are wired to do whatever it takes to accomplish that.  If our women and children are doing just fine, if they do not need our strength, wisdom and help, then we are wired to be just fine with that.  

What does the “King of the Beasts”, the male lion, do all day?  He sleeps, slaps his cubs away, and waits for his mate to hunt down and bring home dinner.  Then he gets the choice first bites of zebra steak.  We human males take notice.  It’s not a bad gig.

If women constantly demonstrate that men are not needed, that they can outperform us in every endeavor, then they will create the man of today’s TV commercials, and men will be happy to oblige. 

Women, you need to fail occasionally.  You need to need some help opening that jar lid.  You need to be unable to change a tire.  You need to not know how to hammer a nail or turn a screw.  Maps need to confuse you, and math should be hard.  It is your choice, if we are not needed for these things, we are OK with that.  As long as we are still needed for that primary function of procreation, we are happy to fill in the down time with football, beer and a comfortable couch. 



  1. Thanks for the warning! But I have nothing to worry about there. While I can do most things, the fact is, I'm a tad bit lazy. So I pretend I can't. And my husband comes to the rescue. We've been married now for a little over nineteen years and he still thinks I can't cook! The truth is, I CAN cook. (I mean, who can't follow a recipe out of a book? If you can read, you can cook.) But I really hate to cook. Hate it! I'd rather eat cereal day after day. So in the the first year of marriage, I purposely burnt a few meals and my husband came to the rescue. I was all like, "Oh honey....if it weren't for you, our family would starve!" which boosted his man-ego thing just enough that he has cooked all our meals ever since. Even the big Thanksgiving meal is his to do! And I gladly clean up afterwards. It's a win-win situation, because then he feels "needed" which satisfies his built-in man provider protector thing, and I can still claim that I "help" because I am in charge of clean up....which now that we have nine kids, I just delegate to them, anyways. So there you have it - I'm back on the couch while all the work is done around me. So I ask I lazy? or smart? Perhaps a little bit of both?

  2. I knew it!!!

    My husband HATES the commercials like this. Where the man is made to look like a complete dumb ass.

    The thing is, Cranky, we women have HAD to learn to do everything ourselves because most men have already assumed the lazy, football watching position. We got tired of waiting around for stuff to get done, and NO MAN or woman likes nagging,so our solution was to just do it ourselves. I'd like to rely on my man to do that stuff, but it ain't gonna happen.

  3. Mine is the epitome of LAZY. If I left anything to him it would never get done. He's lucky he's still here. If anyone ou tthere would like to lessen the burden and take him off my hands, he's free for the taking.

    As far as not being able to do something- I have my limits and know when to step back and let someone else do the job. If HE happens to be good looking? I will try not to drool as I watch.

  4. I am a SAHM so I just take care of everything I mean everything around the house - including drilling, hammering and any kind of minor handyman things around the house {I am a contractors daughter} and as much as I love my hubby
    1. He is technically challenged
    2. If I wait for him to do it will never get done and I am not a nagger
    We are women hear us roar.. :0)

  5. JH, strange that all comments (save this one thus far) are from women... Perhaps you should play more toughie toughie tough guy and just say no to pretty pretty princes. Maybe I should call mrs cranky and have your meds changed? Your Beta brotherhood is questioning your renewal for 2012!

  6. Anon- we women love our Cranky. Give him the Man Card for 2012 or we will see to it, you are dealt with accordingly... lol