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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Are You Prejudiced?

Are You Prejudiced?

I have been accused by some as being hateful, racist, homophobic, right winged and ignorant.  I deny these charges, but I am probably at least a little prejudiced.  I think everyone is at least a little bit guilty of making choices based unfairly on preconceived irrational stereotypes.  Taking the following test will determine,


1.     You have to pick the winner of a 100 meter dash.  Your choices are:

a.     A white Guy

b.    A black guy

c.     Not enough information to choose.

2.    You have to choose a lawyer to represent you in a slip and fall lawsuit.  Your choices are:

          a.     Jesus Lopez

b.    Saul Lipshits

c.     Not enough information to choose.

3.     You need a body guard.  Your choices are

a.     A guy named Bob

b.    A guy named Bubba

c.     Not enough information to choose.

4.    You are having a difficult time with a math problem.  Who do you ask for help?

a.     Debbie Darling

b.    Xaing Chow

c.     Not enough information to choose.

5.    You have a choice on a blind date, you choose:

a.     Mabel

b.    Bambie

c.     Not enough information to choose.

6.    There are two seats open on the bus.  You choose to sit next to:

a.     The teenager with baggy pants and a baseball hat with the brim to the side.

b.    A middle age lady in a business suit.

c.     Not enough information to choose.

7.    Your daughter asks your advice on whether to marry:

a.     A musician

b.    A doctor

c.     Not enough information to choose.

8.    You can choose your son’s profession, you choose:

a.      A hair dresser

b.     A baseball player

c.     Not enough information to choose.

9.    You need to hire a financial advisor.  You choose:

a.     Billy Bob Jackson

b.    Chester A. Thornwacker III

c.     Not enough information to choose.

If you chose (b) in 1-9 you are prejudiced.

If you chose (c) in 1-9 you are in denial.

If you chose (a) in 1-9, You got beat in a race, lost a case, failed at math, your finances took a bath, lost a daughter to drugs, got mugged by a thug, had a date with a hag, and raised a son that isn’t straight.

 I am guilty as charged.  Are you?


  1. I am most definitely guilty as charged! Some kinds of prejudice are just crazy in todays society though. we have an affectionate name for one of our new neighbours - we call her Mrs B. when S firs tmove dinto the house she came and introduced herself to him and was asking about which school the boys would go to when they arrived. S told them they would be going to the middle school in the town - it's a great school with a rating of 9/10 - what more do they need. s was promptly told by Mrs B that we should consider sending them to one of the private schools in the area where "there was a little less of the colour". S was gobsmacked, Sierra Madre as it's name suggests is pretty multi-racial, in fact as I look out of my windows, I can see neighbours who are Mexican and those who are Vietnamese. How can someone with the mentality of "less of the colour" survive in todays society - now you know why we call her Mrs B - B for bigot!

    I have only spoken to the lady on one occasion so far, and I shall not be rude to her if I when I speak to he again but she is not one of those people who will ever be top of my Christmas Card list. I am looking forward to embracing the new cultures around me - doesn't she know that California was originally part of Mexico and was stolen from the Mexican people...

    Can't be doing with narrow mindedness, but prejudice - yes I am guilty of that, same as everyone else!

    Have a good day

    Lou :-)

  2. Ha! I am SO guilty! This is funny, though. I seriously doubt anyone didn't choose answers B for all of them.

    Regarding the comment above mine....Sierra Madre near Pasadena? My husband is a fire fighter for the City of Pasadena - both very colorful areas:) The world would be a dull place if we were all the same. I can't believe your neighbor's gaul. It's one thing to think that way, but quite another thing to say it out loud. Ugh.

  3. RTs---Are you prejudice if you think Italian women are good cooks and Italian men are good lovers? Are you a racist if you think as little of your own race as you do of the other races? Is there a petition I can sign to give California back to Mexico?

  4. Yes Katrina - SM right by Pasadena - a truly beautiful and colourful part of the world. I feel very lucky to be living in such a wonderful place and very unfortunate to live next to such narrow minded people...

    I have suggested that we have a BBQ and invite as many Mexican, Black, Yellow, Purple and Sky-Blue Pink people that we know - and of course make a point of not inviting our bigoted neighbours, but make sure we make lots and lots of noise and really upset them..Would you like to join us?

    I am wondering if she is also prejudiced against some of our wildlife too - after all at the moment we are being plagued by a raccoon! Perhaps he has too much colour too.

    Sorry, I need to shut up now!

    Lou :-)

  5. Yes, you are right about this Cranky. Are stereotypes the same as prejudiced?

  6. @Lou

    Sure, I'll join you with my troop! Thanks to my husband's genes, we are a bunch of half-Puerto Ricans over here. We will definitely add to your very diverse BBQ :)

    We used to live in Monrovia, above Foothill right at the base of the mountain. I loved it there! I love how the homes are all so individual. Down south here they are all cookie-cutter homes. Blah. Each one looks like the one next to it. I like the "newness" of the area, the parks and schools and all that, but I wish our houses could look different. It's not too much fun looking like everyone else. Yep, that's right - I like a little diversity! In people and in the look and design of houses :)

  7. Well I have to admit it appears I too am guilty as charged :)