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Sunday, November 13, 2011



Last week’s TODDLER TALK quiz word was “KRIMSIS”

TODDLER TALK sentence “I lob KRIMSIS.”

Everyone thought this one was easy.  There were seven guesses.  Sadly, no WHOOP-TEE-DOO’s will be awarded.  The answer to KRIMSIS is CREAM CHEESE   “I love cream cheese”

Nice try everyone who thought the answer was CHRISTMAS!

Ah, I’m just busting.  Everyone got it right, it was CHRISTMAS!


Eh, too easy. I'll be really surprised if I don't get this one:

"I love Christmas!"

while it's true that I have the unfair advantage here, I still love this game! And I'm saving up my Whoop-Tee-Doo's for an iPad. (For everyone one I earn I credit myself $20)

Put another $20 in the kittyWHOOP-TEE-DOO

Sarah Mac

It's GOT to be - I love Christmas (hasn't it???)

Yes it has!  WHOOP-TEE-DOO

Michael Ann

Yep, it has to be that! That's my guess and Cranky wasn't quick enough to erase the first guess! Will we both get the Whoop-De-Doo? :)

This response really cracked up Me and Mrs. Cranky – I was slow on the delete of a correct answer.  WHOOP-TEE-DOO


Hey Cranky

I am guessing that this one is 'Christmas' in fact 'I love Christmas'

Hopefully my brain has returned to it's normal level of activity with the disappearance of SoCal sun and the arrival of SoCal

Lou :-)

This week’s quiz was so easy even our new exhausted USA resident got it right!  WHOOP-TEE-DOO

The GlobeTrotting Exec

Christmas! I love Christmas!

YES, yes.  Way too easy, but I thought it was cute. (Cute? I am starting to tilt to the other team!)  WHOOP-TEE-DOO

ronetta cheryll

it's gotta be christmas. :) i hope i'm not wrong, lol.


This is getting tiring.  WHOOP-TEE-DOO

Big D and Me

I love Christmas?


Thanks to all participants and congratulations!!

This week’s TODDLER TALK quiz word is again from crankette Cole (I lost your submissions Mary Beth, please send again)

In a TODDLER TALK sentence, “Pa Pa Joe POOBAS!” 

If Katrina gets this one she will be declared inelligable for future quizes.  (JK)

I am accepting any quiz words for future posts, e-mail me and be sure to credit the Toddler Talk Toddler - Cranky


  1. Yay!!!
    I have NO idea what the new one is :(

  2. Okay I'm getting no sleep now thanks to your newest "toddler talk" sentence challenge....

    Here is a very lame guess...

    "Papa Joe play with us!"

    although "poo" in no way sounds like "play" so I don't know.

    How about...

    "Papa Joe fooled us"

    but you say it has to do with a game?
    Ugh, I have nothing else. So much for my new iPad.

  3. Just so you know all of my kids are walking around saying "Poobas" trying to figure out what the toddler said. Yep, it's a family challenge now. I've let them in. I need all the help I can get.

    Avery, age ten, says, " means POO." and I told her, NO, it has something to do with a game. And so she said, "Well, maybe they are playing doll house. Playing house is sort of like a game."

    A.J. age 8 said, "The kid is saying "move us" like if they were playing a board game and needed to move the players around the board."

    Aria, age 3 (who I thought would "get it" simply because she just left her own toddlerhood and still might be able to make toddler talk, said, "Poobas? What dat?" Yea, she's no help.

    Alex, age 12, said, "Mom, it's blue-something. Blue box. Like if they were playing Candyland and they needed to move to the blue box."

    So you can see I'm putting in my time here. Okay, I'll let you know if I have any more guesses!

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