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Wednesday, November 30, 2011



There!!  I’ve said it!!  Apparently when a famous person dies, he becomes absolved of all his sins.  Michael Jackson was not a genius.  He did not cure cancer.  He did not invent the I-phone.  He did not discover anything that made the world a better place.  Michael Jackson was a really good singer.  He was a really good dancer.  He was a really good entertainer.  He diddled little boys (Allegedly).

Michael Jackson’s doctor was just sentenced to four years in jail for killing Michael Jackson.  This doctor did not act professionally, but when I hear the histrionics about how Michael would be with us today if not for the doctor I shake my head.  Michael wanted drugs.  Michael needed drugs.  Michael was going to find and pay someone to give him the drugs he wanted.  Michael Jackson is responsible for his own death.  This doctor simply gave him what he wanted.  If not him it would have been someone else.  

Yes this doctor is guilty and should be punished for taking the money and delivering the drugs that Michael demanded; but, let’s be clear, Michael was going to get those drugs.  Money will get you what you want.  It will even keep children from testifying that Michael Jackson diddled little boys (Allegedly).

Jerry Sandusky (allegedly) diddled little boys and his sickness has taken down a respected College President and a revered coach.  Perhaps they should be held accountable for allowing the molester to continue. 

Did no one know of Michael Jackson's (Alleged) indiscretions?  Did any money sucking low life entertainment elite sycophants suffer any punishment for looking the other way while Michael Jackson was (Allegedly) molesting little boys?    

I am sorry Michael Jackson is dead.  He was a talented performer.  His career was, however, basically over.  He was probably bankrupt.  I suspect his comeback would have failed.  His career was ruined because Michael Jackson diddled little boys (Allegedly).  His death has somehow resurrected his image.  The doctor responsible has been demonized and in death Michael has been put back on a pedestal.  It is sad; but I must remind everyone:

MICHAEL JACKSON DIDDLED LITTLE BOYS!! (Allegedly)                                                  


  1. I couldn't stand MJ once he started all the plastic surgery, bleaching and everythig else to alter his looks. Let's not forget hhim dangling his baby by one leg off the balcony. Despicable. Glad he is gone and can't hurt anyone else from this world.

  2. Go you Cranky and good on you. I watched the sentencing of his doctor live on Good Morning LA and to be honest I was shocked... The judge said he was sentencing him without parole and without the right of appeal (didn't know you could do that, but hey ho. He said the doctor was a danger to me this is cr*p. Like you said he should not have done what he did, but he did not actually kill MJ, and I agree with you MJ was a has been who ruined his own career with his 'diddling'. Had he of been found guilty of his own indiscretions, he would not have been able to kill himself with the drugs he was taking and je would probably still be alive today..also this doctor would not be in prison today!

    Lou :-)