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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I started blogging last April.  Two years ago I wrote my first book, “Maybe It’s Just Me!” I self-published it in January and thought a blog could help promote sales (so far I can credit the sale of two books to my blog).  I also blog because I found I just like to write.  I’m retired, what else am I going to do?  I wrote a second book which I am waiting to self-publish, “I Used to be Stupid”, but I don’t think I can afford to self-publish much more, so blogging is my outlet.

I have a few friends and relatives who are readers of my blog, but for the most part I have found myself a Cranky Old Man in a world of mommy bloggers; an old grandpa writing for young moms.  I didn’t plan to become a mommy blogger, it has just happened.  The blogosphere seems to be mommy bloggers, famous people bloggers, and those who are really talented (relax; this does not exclude mommy bloggers…sheesh you are all so sensitive).  I am not famous, and not extraordinarily talented, so it is hard to find a niche.  Mommy bloggers have “hops” where people find and follow other bloggers, and mommy bloggers promote other bloggers.  Mommy bloggers also read.

At first I was disappointed in only attracting readers (limited in number at that) who are primarily from this demographic;  I found myself a little bored at reading mommy blogs on the same baby, toddler, kid topics.  I felt out of place and somewhat of a voyeur peeking in on a world so foreign to my own. 

I have since come to love my mommy bloggers.  They are funny; they are honest.  They have feelings and are not afraid to use them!  They stick together, and they support each other.  Being from a world of testosterone I was not aware that such people existed.  I had heard that they existed, but I assumed that like Bigfoot, they were a myth.

I am learning to like my time as an intruder in a world of women.  Women are really different in ways other than what has always been obvious to me.  I now know why some of those guys in high school joined band, cheerleading  and drama.  They were not such geeks after all.

I hope to attract readers from other demographics; I hope to be able to share my writing with and to read the writing of other men.  I try to write stuff that will appeal to everyone.

In the mean time I am happy with my mommy bloggers.  I am happy to have made some blogging friends and to have gained a perspective on a segment of life I never fully appreciated.  I hope to impart some perspective of my gender to the other team. 

I hope to someday be accepted as an honorary mommy blogger.

Scott Z - If you read this post don’t even say it.  I know.  Two steps back, turn in my hammer, and lose a spin!       


  1. Cranky, you are one of a very few male bloggers I follow. You are hilarious and I LOVE that you have joined us and that you feel we have embraced you. Joining in with those linkys get you read and that is the point of blogging afterall. What's more you have an international audience, I'm a Mummy blogger from Australia.

  2. I feel equally out of the loop a lot of time, Cranky! I am the daughter of a mommy blogger, as you may have realised, and I spend most of my time on blogspot writing about Second Life, and reading about my mum, and you, lol. A lot of girls my age seem to keep fashion blogs. I am not a fashionista in the slightest! So I'm stuck between babies I am no where near old enough to want, and clothes I wouldn't be caught dead in. And I can't do hops or get into any of these "follow-back" sort of loops that happen, because I'm writing about Second Life. Even I don't really care that much about SL!

    But these things make me laugh, and you certainly make me laugh. Keep blogging, Cranky!

  3. Too funny Cranky. I am a Mummy blogger of sorts and I don't fit the niche either. You can be a Mummy blogger if you want to. It isn't a registered profession! Keep writing in whatever form it takes. You make me laugh. That is a gift x

  4. I too feel out of the loop. I am own my own business and don't have any children so I am not the WAHM that most bloggers are. It is nice to see a man out there!

    I just found & followed you via Tuesday Blog Trail. Looking forward to your future posts.


  5. I love your male perspective and reading people's blogs that have a different life than I do. I especially loved your blog on remembering dates- made total sense and explained my boyfriends inability to remember dates (including his own birthdate)

  6. Heck, I've been blogging daily for nearly 12 years, before the term "blog" had been invented, much less "mommy bloggers." I'm still chugging along with my primarily post-menopausal, possible grandparent followers. You've already outdistanced me in readers.

    I set out originally to be Erma Bombeck and discovered it's not nearly as easy as she made it seem!

  7. You are the only male blogger that I follow - not only do you make excellent points on the things you write about, but you make me laugh, and I really need a good laugh during my hectic day with many small children :)

  8. Cranky - To be honest with you I couldn't care less whether you are a mummy blogger and daddy blogger or a cranky write a blog that I love to read, end of story!

    Long may you continue to amuse us all.

    Lou :-)

  9. You didn't read far enough...I like fruitcake. You and I are kindred spirits in that regard.

  10. Hey not to sound like a broken record but you are one of the only dudes blogs I follow. I love the way your write and your crack me the F up. I am a mommy blogger but I am trying to find my niche because I definitely not the crafty, always giveaway kind of mommy blogger (nothing wrong with it just not me. Glad I found you!

  11. JH, you should be pleased by these comments. Best for a good Turkey Day w all the Crankeys. Should be a great venue for future posts...

  12. For the record, your wit and insight DO make you one of those "talented people" you speak of. And I always look forward to what new refreshing Cranky-bit you will have for us when I jump online. Continue the great work! And ps, are you maybe starting a new trend, grand-daddy bloggers? Maybe?? (Thought it was worth a try, and those Crankettes are really cute!)


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