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Thursday, October 20, 2011



There is a popular board game for little girls six and under, “Pretty Pretty Princess.”  In this game, you roll dice, go around the board, and collect rings, earrings and a crown.  When you collect each item plus the crown you win.   Everyone in the game then has to declare you the “Pretty Pretty Princess.”
This is a great game for little ones because it so simple and it combines counting with dress-up.  I am secure enough in my masculinity to wear the earrings, rings, and the crown much to the amusement of all. 

I am not homophobic and I believe your sexual orientation is determined at birth, but there is still something in the back of my prehistoric mind that thinks the gay lifestyle is not one to intentionally turn your child towards and maybe this game is not aimed at most little boys.
My youngest son survived this game.  He played it with the same sense of silliness that I did and it would appear that he hasn’t jumped teams.  Still it occurs to me that there should be a similar game for little boys.  It would be a simple game that combines counting with masculine attributes.  I would name it:  “TUFFY TUFFY TUFF GUY.”

Each player would start with an empty tool belt.  He would go around the board and collect tools to fill his belt.  When he collected a drill, a screw driver, and a saw, he would then be just the “Silver Hammer” away from being declared,   “TUFFY TUFFY TUFF GUY!”

Along the way around the board, if you land on one of the “Gender Bender” squares, you have to pick a card.  These cards would have different instructions such as:
“You punched a bully in the nose, move three steps forward and collect a power drill.”  Or “You attended a Lisa concert, take two steps back and turn in your saw.”

I think little girls would also enjoy this game.  Come on Hasbro or Parker Brothers take a chance, I think this game would be a big seller. 
The world is ready for TUFFY TUFFY TUFF GUY!  


  1. you have awesome ideas. *cracking up* i would so buy this for my son! and i would have a ball playing it myself, lol!

    i think you should market it, honestly!

  2. You crack me up! But seriously this is a good idea... and I think you should submit it to Hasbro!!!! I do not have any little girls and my boys would love a game like this!!!

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  3. Funny! But I know that, as a small boy, even if I tried to veer him to it, my gay oldest boy would have still sought out the pretty princess. Yet, my second son would have loved tuffy tuffy.... I hope hasbro comes through.......LOL

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  5. JH, about time you mentioned this. Unfortunately bringing a new game to market is even more challenging than publishing a book!

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