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Tuesday, October 18, 2011



I recently posted a blog “Handwriting” in which I poked fun at Mrs. Cranky’s chicken-scratch.  She claims I am always making fun of her, so I am now posting on one of her fabulous qualities.
Mrs. Cranky has her own built in GPS.  I believe she must have been a homing pigeon in a former life.  Plop her anywhere in New Jersey, blindfold her, spin her around, and then remove the blindfold, she will tell you where you are, and tell you the shortest route home.  In an unknown territory she has a skill many of her gender persuasion do not have.  She can read a map.

Mrs. C’s children, the step-cranks, often call for directions when they are lost.  Yes they have a Garmin, but they prefer their maternal GPS system.  Listening to these conversations is a treat.  Mrs. C does not just tell them where to turn….well just listen to an example:

“Where are you now?  Rt. 9.  OK do you see a Shell Gas Station on your right?  Good.  Go three blocks, on the right you will see an Arbee’s on the left is a Stewarts.  Go through the next light, and turn right at the “Your Gold for Sale” sign.  Three more blocks and turn left at Watanobee Street, it will be just after a large blue house with a white fence on your right.  OK then.  Good luck. 

Yesterday I was sent off to grocery shop.  Mrs. Cranky made out a list in my presence to insure I could read her items.  I hate grocery shopping as I am all over the store looking for stuff.  I end up doing each aisle multiple times trying to find a single item.

Yesterday I was whipping through the store.  Every time I found an item on the list, the next item was close by.  I started with bread.  By the time I reached the last aisle, dairy, I realized why I was moving so fast.

Mrs. Cranky had placed each item in order as I would find them in the store.  Mind you, this store was the one near my Gym, a store where she seldom shops, and yet she knew where every item was.  In the exact order! 

I have no sense of direction; I am not good with maps.  Mrs. Cranky has many wonderful attributes; I particularly need her internal GPS.       


  1. Well done, Mrs C. I'm completely lost without my Garmin!

  2. That's cool that she was able to lay out the shopping list like that for you. Makes it all go faster and smoothly.

    Kudos Mrs. C!

  3. How cool. She must have a 6th sense called "GPS."

  4. haha! go mrs. cranky! that's awesome :)

    i use my gps, but there's nothing better than having a sense of direction going anywhere. i think it's cool that she listed everything for you by where you'd find them in the store. pretty cool stuff.


  5. Wow she is pretty good that wife of yours Cranky. I too am fitted with map reading skills, but sometimes it does take me a little while to find my bearings.
    The store thing I believe is just a woman thing. I too am also known for knowing exactly what aisle and where on the aisle a certain thing is and also the current price of said item.

    The other week S was complaining about aphids to our tomato plants and I told him to go to the gardening store we got the plants from and buy some ladybugs to eat the aphids. When he left work he rang me as he was driving to the store, and he parked up and said now he just had to find the darn things. Straight away I said to him 'you know the big doors where you go from the outside part to the indoor store? They are just by the door on the right hand side, they are on the top shelf of that racking there!' S laughed and said 'how do you know that it was July when we came here and we were only here for 10 minutes - there is no way they are there'
    2 mins later he had to eat his words because the pots of ladybugs were right where I told him...He howled with laughter when I said to him are they still $7.99 a pot, and he had to admit that they were! We didn't even buy any the last time we were there!

    Like I said it's a woman thing - and a darn good thing too! Go Mrs Cranky keep amazing him!

    Lou :-)

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  7. I totally have the internal GPS thing. But from the sound of it I think your wife's is a little more finely tuned than mine. But I have great penmanship... so I guess it works out.

  8. Mrs Cranky sounds fabulous!

    I would rather have her with a map than WonderMan with his iPhone maps any day....

  9. Well, it's been my experience too that I'm the map-reader and Husband is the directionally-challenged one! He can't even even point towards the ocean if he can't see it... *shakes head sadly. There's no hope for him.

  10. I think we may have been related in a former life - I can do the eaxct same thing in my hometown. Friends of mine call me the walking Melways (our street directory.) It funny that I can remeber directions to somewhere after only being there one and yet cannot remember where I put the darn car keys!

  11. Go Mrs C. I have a cousin who's just like that. I think she got all the GPS genes in the family!

    Visiting via the Rewind.

  12. That is impressive! I am not too bad with direction (for a girl. lol) but could not compete with that precision. I wish I had her number! Thanks for joining the Weekend Rewind Cranky. NIce to see you x