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Friday, October 21, 2011



When some clown gets nailed for a minor infraction these days he does not go to jail, the jails are too crowded.  He may pay a fine, but that is not much of a penalty for anyone with money and if you don’t have any money how can you be fined?  So how do we discipline those guilty of a minor felony or a misdemeanor today?  We sentence them to Community Service.

Community Service is like time out for big people.  You can make them go, but how do you make them stay?  These are not upstanding citizens, these are rich spoiled brats, or low life assholes.  Either way they do not really give a shit about what they are doing, they just want to show up get their ticket punched and go. 

The people responsible for these assholes have real jobs and real stuff they want to get done.  If the person charged with community service is being a pain-in-the- ass, their supervisor is just going to give him busy work or tell them to go and give him credit for a full day’s work, whichever is easiest.  No one wants to have to supervise one of these fuck-ups.  They don’t get paid to deal with felons.  The bigger a pain-in- the-ass these cretins are, the faster they will be told to just go home and get full credit for time served.  This is why community service is a joke.

Community Service should go back to the chain gang days.  Don’t send these losers to a soup kitchen where real community minded people are working, and expect them to be productive.  Make them do real work under the supervision of real penal professionals.

I’m guessing that if Lindsey Lohan was forced to show up to a park- cleaning detail dressed in drab overalls with 20 other losers and forced to pick up trash and dog shit, she just might learn a lesson.  Being forced to wear drab overalls alone would give this wacky bitch the heebie-jeebies!

Chain these losers together for eight hours, give them a scoop for dog shit, a stick for trash and a trash bag to collect it all and I’m guessing they might not want to go through this again real soon.  If they don’t do what the fuck they are told, then they get no credit for time served.  Their “supervisors” are professionals, they won’t care which low-lives they deal with every day.  They have no incentive to give these jerks an easy pass.

A four year old can learn to handle time out very fast.  Stand in a corner for three minutes?  That is a piece of cake.  A teenager gets grounded for two weeks…. crap, that’s more punishment to the parents than the teen.  Community Service for a felon?  Ho hum, yawn; it’s not much worse than standing in a corner, or being grounded. 

It’s about time these spoiled assholes get some actual consequences for their bad behavior.


  1. True! And if all those "celebrities" had to do their community service with, oh say, real criminals and no video camera or press about it, they might stop being idiotic and actually start to show other wanna-be celebrities that there are consequences for their actions. But wait!! If all that drama disappeared, what would we watch on E! news then?