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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Story 10/25/56


Halloween is around the corner.  There is nothing like a good scary Halloween story so I went into the vault of stuff my mom saved for some unknown reason, and I found two Halloween stories from my cranky youth. 

Without further ado, I submit unedited, the first story, dated Oct. 25, 1956:

THE MONKEY’S CLAW some plagiarism may be involved.

One day on Halloween when I was trick or treating with my friend Bob we went to an old creepy house.  Bob said, “Lets go in.”  So we went in.  All of a soden we heard a creepy noise.  We looked up stairs and saw a horrible green faced whight haird 3 eyed monster.  We started to run away but we stopped because the monster had magic rais.  He brought us up the stairs and handed us a box and went away.

We ran away as quick as we could.  We tried to get rid of the box but we couldn’t it just stuck to us all of the sudden the box opend and out came a monkey’s claw.  It chased us two blocks and caught Bob.  I got away.  That night when I went to sleep I found Bob’s head in my bed. (Eweee)

After that I never went out on Halloween and I guess Bob never did either.

My first day of therapy started November 1, 1956
(You can’t make this shit up!)

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