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Monday, October 24, 2011



I never really appreciated all the issues of the immigration problem in this country until I started reading blogs. 
Virtually every one of our citizens was an immigrant, or a descendant of an immigrant.  We take the privileges of citizenship for granted, and resent current immigrants for taking our jobs and utilizing our resources. 

The truth is we need these people.  This country has succeeded only because of its immigrants.  Lazy, stupid people do not want to go through the red tape and hardships to get to the USA.  We get the best of all cultures.  We get people that want a better life and have the drive and initiative to reach their goals.
The lady in the harbor asks, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”   She does not ask for the stupid and the lazy.  We need new immigrants.  Our country is facing high unemployment, yet there are still jobs which many of our citizens will not take, or do not have the skills or training to qualify.

Sons and daughters of the corner pizzeria are now Doctors and Lawyers.  They were put through school by the hard work and risks taken by immigrants.  We need pizza.  Who will run the corner pizzeria in future generations?  Immigrants.
We need immigrants, but we also need some control over who we admit, what skills we need and how many new immigrants we can allow to come to our country every year.  Most of those that climb walls and sneak into our country end up as valuable and productive workers, but many are criminals looking to escape their country and to establish illegal activities in this country.

When I see scenes of people streaming illegally into our land I think “why shouldn’t they have the same opportunity that I was born with?” 

Then I follow a blog from Lou in the UK who has been jumping through hoops and cutting through red tape for over a year (maybe more) trying to get to California to start a new life with her love, a US citizen.  She now has a visa.  It has not been easy, but it has been LEGAL.
I read a blog from “Dan the Mountain Man” in North Carolina who is patiently waiting and praying for a lady with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life.  She is also applying for LEGAL entry.

When you consider the merits and needs of our country to take in new citizens,  when you debate the plusses and minuses of ILLEGAL aliens filtering into our cities, keep in mind those like Lou in the UK and “Dan the Mountain Man” and all those fine people waiting to immigrate.  LEGALLY!


  1. Cranky

    What a fab post, and yes I have to admit that I am just ever so slightly bias on this one.

    Am feeling even more excited about getting over there now because my soon to be brother in law is going to join us for Thanksgiving which will make our first one even more special - Apparently he makes THE BEST Apple Pie too which is even better.

    Can't quite believe I have only 6 days left here in the UK - Yay!!!

    Lou :-)

  2. Great post. With legal immigration it is a lot of waiting and money. We hope to hear something from immigration soon then it sent to the State Department. But in the end it will be worth every bit.

    Dan the Mountain Man
    Mountian Highs and Valley Lows