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Sunday, October 23, 2011



Vinnie’s Bail Bond-We pay to get you away
No need for collateral, your kneecaps will do!

 Whoop-Tee-Doo!  I got my first advertisement.   When I started this blog, I vowed to never indorse a product I myself would not use.  Therefore, when I was approached by Vinnie’s Bail Bond Agency I decided to do some research before I offered my endorsement.
Last week, I went into New Brunswick and grabbed a little old lady’s pocketbook.  I ran limped away on my bad hip and was immediately caught by a policeman who cuffed me and protected me from the little old lady who was bashing me with her walker.  Don’t mess with an old person with a walker…..anyway….I was taken away and booked. 

Bail was set for $500.00 and Vinnie came through.  Just one easy call and he was there with the money.  I signed a few papers and I was out of jail until my court hearing.  It was as easy as that. 
Vinnie made the transaction easy and enjoyable.  He cheerfully explained that if I jumped bail he would track me down, kick my ass and break my legs.  Vinnie was very clear about the terms of our contract.  It was a positive experience.  I am positive I will repay the bail!

Having done my research I can unequivocally recommend “Vinnie’s Bail Bond Agency” for anyone in the New Brunswick, New Jersey area who finds themselves in a bit of a legal bind. 

Yes Vinnie’s where if you fuck up he will help you out, and if you don’t repay he will fuck you up.
Another bit of news, my blog will be suspended three months beginning November 15.  It seems I will not have computer access in my new temporary lodging.


  1. ah, too bad.... post, post, post... humor me until then...
    and good luck!

  2. This post absolutely cracked me up! Thanks for the recommendation for Vinnie!

    Meanwhile, shame about your blog being down. I love coming here. So go ahead and make sure you write as many posts as you can now and then you can schedule them ahead of time.

    Or maybe, I'll just re-read the old ones and laugh all over again!

  3. Bwahahahaha! I know some people like Vinnie here in Perth. Thanks for linking to Pick A Post