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Saturday, October 8, 2011



Mommy Bags  issued a challenge to me and I accepted.  The challenge is to list seven previous blogs based on various criteria and then issue the same challenge to seven other bloggers.  I like this challenge as it creates the opportunity to rerun previous posts.

Here are my choices:
Most beautiful – Little League Baseball

Depends on what you call beautiful – This one was a bit sentimental to me, so it is as close as I could come in my posts to “Beautiful”.  
Most popular –My Wife Is Turning Me Gay

This post has received the most hits, but not the most comments; not sure how to determine most popular.
Most controversial -  CommentsThat Suck

This one got me my most nasty comment!
Most helpful – PRIDE ROCK

Helpful? I guess it has a message, mostly I just like it!
Post whose success surprised – THE SMOKE DETECTOR

Kinda slapped this one together, but lots of people liked it.
Post that got undeserved attention – The Politically Correct “Brian’s Song”

Interesting, this gets lots of hits by way of Google.
Post most proud of -  Remembering 9-11-01

My 9-11-01 recollection

 I pass on this challenge to the following bloggers:
 Because you’re a moron I think this lady might be insane, but she is very funny. (I don’t think you want to get on her bad side.)

Fairy tales from pixie land she may be One Bad Pixie, but you should follow her posts.

Little Miss Nerd Girl yesterday’s nerds are today’s in-crowd.  The hot girls in my High School ended up with 5 kids and a view from the trailer park.
Tea Time with Mrs. Tully I grew up with a Mrs. Tully as a neighbor.  She wasn’t nearly as cool as this Mrs. Tully!

Woogsworld everyone loves Mrs. Woog!
The Globetrotting Executive always different, always interesting.

Six in the nest Good stuff, visit her Tuesday blog hop.


  1. great blog!!! love that ya did the challenge -- i was the one who issued it to ms. mommy bags!

    newest follower & thanks for playing along in my *no more muffin top blog hop* -- you rock!!!
    misadventures of a chunky goddess

  2. I'm not sure if I should be offended or proud that you think I'm insane.

    Nah, I know I should be proud. :)

  3. I like these sort of posts and 'challenges', Joeh. It's a great way to get to know someone a bit more. I'm off to read your most 'controversial' post first... 'course I am!! x

  4. this is really cool! :) i'm going to visit these 7 challengers' blogs and see what posts they came up with. i'm excited!

    i think what draws me to your blog daily (yes, lol) is not only your humor/sarcasm, but the versatility of your posts. i love reading your blog; it's truly a bright spot in my commuter morning.


  5. Just found this and wow, what a wonderful idea. I will have to give it some thought and I will put it up on my own blog. Thanks cranky!