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Thursday, October 6, 2011



Much like my weekly Headlines post, this post is not very popular.  I don’t care, I like it.  The only good thing about being old is you do things you like and don’t give a shit about what others think.  The bad thing is you are too old to do most of the things you like.
Last week’s Toddler Talk quiz was from my now 13 year old Spencer: "Kachoozy."
Used in a toddler sentence, "I goin ta "Kachoozy."
The best answers came from Lou at “Waiting to Emigrate” and Ronetta    “My Acatalectic art work” Both guessed it meant SNEEZE.  Very clever, but wrong.
The winner with the correct answer Jacuzzi was One Bad Pixie
Here it comes OBP…..WHOOP-TEE-DOO! In addition to speaking Toddler Talk, OBP writes a very entertaining blog, check it out. 
Check out Lou as well  and wish her luck in passing her emigration interview and finding her way to a new life in sunny California. 
You can find Ronetta at  Also an entertaining read.  I just now checked her out and am now following.
See, if you make a Toddler Talk guess you get a blog plug!
This week’s Toddler Talk quiz….. “Messimo Miss” is from the Wannabe Princess, currently not a Toddler!
In a toddler sentence “I wan a Messimo Miss daddy.”
As always, the winner gets a WHOOP-TEE-DOO!  Good luck to all.


  1. Is it a doll she won?
    These are funny.

  2. It is not a doll she won.

    but nice try!

  3. Hippopotamus....Perposturus


  4. I think these are REALLY funny. I'm going to jump into the fray here and give a guess hmmmm...

    Mossimo Dress

    grr, should have jumped in last week, because I totally got Kachoozy right away.

  5. thanks so much for the plug for my blog, joe! this one is stumping me, because originally i thought "i want a sierra mist, daddy" but the kid is probably too young for sodas...i've got to get back to my toddler roots! lol :)

  6. I want to make a mess enormous!!

  7. What the heck is a Mossimo Dress?

    No to Sierra mist.

    A toddler saying "enormous"?

    Good tries all but...

  8. Mossimo dress - brand of clothing at Target. that's all i got. ha ha

  9. I may have gotten the last one right, but this one? Hahaha not a clue! Thanks for the blog promo Cranky. I'm lovin the toddler talk as well as the whoop tee doo's they come with.