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Sunday, October 16, 2011

HEADLINES 10-16-11

HEADLINES 10-16-11

It’s Sunday, time for Cranky’s least read post  - HEADLINES!  Well I like the headlines and my Sophomoric (less than, thx Nils) comments so I will continue the tradition.

Vitamins May Increase Women's Risk of Dying, Research Finds – Suggests cutting back on Vitamin Arsenic.
W.R. Berkley estimates up to $60M in cat losses – Insurance Company vows to stop insuring cats.

World's 'Oldest Running Motor Car' Sells for $4.62 Million – Buyer was ripped off as Blue Book only lists the value as 2.5 million….3 million if in excellent condition.

Sarah Palin says US due for a woman president- Plans to charge 5 cents for each day overdue!
Assisted suicide machine in Kevorkian auction – Not recommended for people using Chantix.

Arizona awarded 2015 Super Bowl – Not much point in even playing out the 2015 season then is there?
British Marathon Runner Admits He Caught a Bus to Finish Third in Race – If it wasn’t for the traffic, he would have won!

First Lady Says She Sneaks Out of White House as Much as Possible – But the secret service keeps dragging her back.
Bloomberg Tells Protestors to Leave Zuccotti Park for Cleaning- Mayor promises to let protestors back as soon as they have showered, Bloomberg stated, “After three weeks, they are getting a little ripe!”

NY trader gets 2½ years in huge insider case – Trader’s lawyer argued jail would be more appropriate, but judge rules time served in the huge case instead.
NJ college prof defends treatment of stutterer – Professor ap pa pa pol a a a..Professor says she’s sorry.

Fake Motley Crue Tickets Sold By Scammers – Concert goers claim they could tell the band was fake as they were not even a little motley.

Please accept my sincere apology for offending anyone with a speech problem.  I am just a mean bastard!


  1. Just popped in to visit and catch up. I see you're still making friends and influencing people, (is that how the suppression goes, ha, ha! That was very funny!) Anyway, good on ya! Hope this comment indicates that I did read the posts! Got to go - I've got a quarter moon staring me in the face, (see top plumber pic.) Some things never change :) Be back soon!

  2. quick and to the point news... i like it... thanks..

  3. LOLLLL about the British runner! He's done marathons before - even a 10k race the day before according to the BBC, so not quite sure what he was trying to prove on this one.....